Liberation Conference Against Repression


Fifth Estate # 97, January 22-February 4, 1970

Everybody has some idea of the kind of heavy political repression the power structure has been laying down, if only from the power-structure media itself.

The Liberation Conference Against Repression January 29-30 at St. Joseph’s Church should be able to clarify a lot of the distortions, fill in some of the gaps and describe the national-regional-local pattern of repression. See ad for list of speakers and workshops.

But the Liberation Conference isn’t going to be a two-night recital of complaints and pleas for political and financial support. That would be a drag, and right on the passive, defensive attitude the power structure wishes it were able to force us into.

We understand that the reason for repression in the first place is that the power structure is afraid that we are reaching and winning more and more people to the basic movement message: freedom, justice, peace and All Power to the People!

We understand that they are trying to isolate the revolutionaries from the masses of people and split the white movement and the black movement with selective repression. We understand they are terrified that the white movement will follow the example of the black movement in picking up the gun for armed self-defense, and organize to fight and build for people’s power.

That’s why the Liberation Conference will bring together national speakers from the black and white movement, and workshops with local movement groups, for the strongest positive statement of the movements’ ongoing work and value to the people.

Participate in the conference. Get it on for Thursday and Friday nights, 7:30 p.m., January 29-30 at St. Joseph’s, Woodward between King and Holbrook. Contribution is $2.50; nobody turned away for lack of money, and it all goes to movement groups serving and fighting for the people.

If they can’t destroy us—and they can’t—we’re going to win.