Sheriff Harvey Exposed!


Fifth Estate # 97, January 22-February 4, 1970

Ken Kelley, editor of the Ann Arbor Argus, fresh from a semi-victory over the forces of injustice, has scored another journalistic coup.

Kelley published the contents of the wallet of Washtenaw County’s fascist sheriff Doug Harvey in the latest issue of the Argus.

Kelley told the Fifth Estate that Harvey was drunk on his ass at a University of Michigan basketball game and staggered home leaving his wallet. It was retrieved by an unidentified but heroic citizen who brought it to the Argus office where its contents were photographed and then returned to the Sheriff.

It’s not that any further evidence was needed to expose Harvey’s racism and his hypocritical morality, but it’s nice to have it for public display.

Harvey claims the wallet also contained $350 which was missing when it was returned to him. Kelley denies this and says it is a ruse which Harvey may employ to press criminal charges against him.