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Fifth Estate # 97, January 22-February 4, 1970

Many people are still unaware of what Open City is and what it does. Rather than the common misconception that it is a service organization for the alternate community, Open City is the alternate community!!!

The many services provided by Open City are available only because of the effort of members of our community and those people sympathetic to it.

The services available are as follows:

A twenty-four hour a day switchboard where anyone can call for help in case of a bad dope trip, for medical or psychiatric emergencies, information on the ballrooms or almost anything else you’re having trouble finding out.

A legal assistance committee composed of community lawyers who give their assistance to those in need of it free or if you can afford it, at a reasonable cost. There is also an emergency bail fund, LSD (Legal Self Defense), which doles out money for those who can’t afford it.

The food co-op goes to Eastern Market every Saturday and cops food in quantity, making $9.00 to $12.00 worth of eggs, fruits, vegetables, and cheese available to community residents for only $3.00, payable by the previous Friday.

The medical committee has free attention for social and other diseases with a doctor present every Monday and Thursday night to cure your ills. You must make an advance appointment.

There is also a free psychiatric clinic on Wednesday nights, also requiring an advance appointment.

If you need an emergency ride to the hospital and can’t wait for the pigs, Open City will get one of the numerous vans in the area to help you out. A free store, “The Blood Bank,” where you can score free clothes or sell your wares, is located at Third and Prendis. The free university has classes for those who want to teach or learn. The only prerequisite, is that you have something interesting to teach or a desire to learn.

Job and housing information are available at the Open City office, Second just north of Canfield. Many other things, too numerous to mention are available. For further information, call Open City at 831-2770. We should also mention that this column is the community action line—and any problems you have addressed to us:

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