Wanted by FBI

They'll Never Take 'im Alive


Fifth Estate # 97, January 22-February 4, 1970

If you have information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office. Telephone numbers and addresses of all FBI offices listed on back.

Identification Order 4343, December 30, 1969

Lawrence Robert Plamondon, as he is known to the pigs, or Pun as he is called by the people, is White Panther Party Minister of Defense. He is accused of conspiring with Jack Forrest, Detroit White Panther captain, and John Sinclair to dynamite the Ann Arbor CIA office in October of 1968. They were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury late last year on the testimony of imprisoned stoolie Dave Valler. Valler was head of a dynamite ring that carried out a series of bombings in 1968 and is now trying to get out of prison by finking on anyone the government mentions to him.

At the time of the indictment John was already in Marquette Prison and Jack was on crutches as a result of a motorcycle accident so only Pun could flee from the grasp of the pig. Pun has been underground for the last several months, but knows he will not be free until all of us are free. He is alive and well right here in the belly of the beast fighting for the liberation of the planet.