Free University Opens


Fifth Estate # 98, February 4-18, 1970

Open City’s Free University is preparing for its Winter term and has published a beautiful catalog listing the available courses.

They range from blues harp instruction to massage, organic farming, urban folklore, encounter groups, yoga, dance, photography and many others that “involve the basic needs of all people—the need to touch, the need to share, the need for love, growth and self-discovery.”

All courses are free and are taught by those who “profess” something and become the professor. Classes are held as often as possible in people’s homes to encourage warmth usually not found in the “classroom” or around the Wayne State campus.

For further information call Open City at 831-2770 or write for a free catalog to 4425 Second, Detroit 48201.

By the way, if anyone is dissatisfied with the South End, Creem or this paper, there are classes that are preparing alternative publications to fill the “void” they feel exists. Write on.