Help Send this Boy to Cuba


Fifth Estate # 98, February 4-18, 1970

When Fidel Castro liberated the Cuban people from exploitation by United Fruit and other capitalist pilferage 10 years ago, an old folks home in Washington enforced an economic blockade on that small island country.

Their reasoning can only be explained as anger at not being allowed to continue pulling in a profit from the labor and resources of that nation. It is part of the same greedy anger being displayed by Pig Amerika in its genocidal mania against the peoples of Vietnam and the black colony here.

In the past the Pig has succeeded in keeping any Latin American or Western European country from trading with Cuba.

It has only been recently that Canada and a few other nations have come to their senses somewhat insufficiently and renewed trade relations to a small degree. The blockade is insanity. The Venceremos Brigade is that blow toward smashing that blockade.

Over two hundred Americans are in Cuba now, cutting cane in the fields. From Fidel on, everybody in Cuba cuts sugar cane. It is a war to attain a ten million ton sugar quota.

This war has to be won to make their economy work in spite of the blockade. In the middle of February 700 more Americans will replace those there now to continue the battle against Amerikan imperialism.

It isn’t that this small labor force will make or break Cuba’s struggle for economic independence, but it is important that solidarity be shown in the form of action.

At present the Brigade’s main hang up is bread. From the disembarkation point in Mexico on the Cuban government will pay all costs. For security reasons, the trip to Mexico has to be done on chartered flights.

For this reason the Brigade is in desperate need of funds. Anyone who can contribute is asked to send what they can to:

Venceremos Brigade
c/o Fifth Estate
1107 W. Warren
Detroit, Michigan 48201