UPSTERS Ready With Record


Fifth Estate # 98, February 4-18, 1970

ANN ARBOR—The long awaited single by the Up has been slated for release on Feb. 6. The tunes will be “Just Like An Aborigine” and “Hassan I Sabba.”

Artwork for the record label and jacket will be done by Youth International Party (YIP) Minister of Culture in exile, Gary Grimshaw. Grimshaw, who was working in California with the Berkeley Tribe fled for parts unknown recently after a Federal Fugitive Flight warrant was issued for him. He is wanted in Traverse City on a frame-up dope charge along with Pun Plamondon, Minister of Defense.

Reports from Ann Arbor indicate that efforts are being made to make the Up’s record a unique production, especially for the first single of a relatively unknown group. The label and record jacket will be in three colors with liner notes from imprisoned YIP chairman, John Sinclair. It will be pressed in stereo and in clear or bright red plastic.

“We feel that this package has got to be truly representative of the total impact of the music,” Dave Sinclair, Upster manager, explained. “I’m confident that those who have waited for this record will be more than pleased to appreciate a work of art and music that is 100% high energy.”