Wisconsin Goes Loco Parentis


Fifth Estate # 98, February 4-18, 1970

MADISON, Wisc. — (CPS/LNS) While many schools have been abandoning women’s curfew hours (most recently the University of Iowa), the state board of regents of the University of Wisconsin has voted to re-instate women’s hours for freshmen. The ruling takes effect in September, 1970. Hours for coeds were abolished in 1968.

The measure, which was passed by the Regents over the abjection of the university administration, sets midnight curfews on weeknights and 2 am curfews on weekends. The reason for the move, according to one regent, is that many students are “immature” and “need guidance.”

The Wisconsin Students Association is taking the matter to court, charging the rule discriminates against women and that the regents are not authorized to make rules governing social conduct.

The Wisconsin regents have also passed a ruling banning the use of bullhorns and other methods of electronic amplification at political events, while allowing the continued use of such equipment at campus carnivals and homecoming. Several students are contesting the ban’s constitutionality.