Fifth Estate # 99, February 19-March 4, 1970


To the Editors:

I’d like to reply to SP Marc Nadeau whose trash was published in the Feb. 4, F.E. [Letters, FE #98, February 4-18, 1970]

Baby, I’m not under 25, and am old enough to be your mother. Guys like you make me want to vomit. You made a big issue out of an article on the Northland “happening”. I don’t condone what the “kids” have done, but they were exercising a constitutional right—free assembly.

Since you are such a staunch loyal American, perhaps you can tell me how many American boys were killed at Northland, how many bloody massacres have occurred, and how many billions of dollars has the “happening” cost the taxpayer. You must admit the “kids” had guts, something you know nothing of.

You made a crack about “anti-American” youth. You are the traitor. What in the hell are you doing in that uniform? You have no constitutional right to go to Vietnam for the sole purpose of committing murder.

You mentioned our forefathers, freedom and equality for all. Right on! Take the ring out of your nose, look around and see what a fascist country this has become.

My son refused to put on the uniform and become a murderer, so he got busted. I’m proud of him. He won’t always be a political prisoner, but he is alive, has no blood on his hands, nor will he be shipped home in a plastic bag.

Have fun in Nam sucker, you’ve got to be sick.

Rita N.

To the Editors,

In March last year, Thomas Sincavitch took up sanctuary at St. Joseph’s church; he was arrested and is now in a military prison. This coming March will mark the 1st anniversary of this action.

In an effort to revive the people’s memories, and keep the issue alive, would you please print some sort of reminder in your paper. It would be appreciated.

A reader

Editors’ Note: Tom was sentenced to a prison term in Leavenworth Federal Prison for his refusal to follow the orders of his commanding officer. Although he is due to be released within a few months his courage and dedication to his beliefs has not been forgotten; certainly by no one associated with our paper. Thank you for your letter.

To the Editors:

Once again the military has exemplified the establishment puppetry; this time putting into words the tyranny and bigotry so protested by the Movement.

One of the Selfridge Marines had requested a transfer out of his section as directed by the Navy Medical Officer. This particular Marine had expressed anxieties due to suppression of his personal opinions and beliefs which had brought minor conflicts with his section officer and staff section leader.

His staff section leader, upon hearing of this request, questioned him regarding his personal views regarding the war, military policies, etc. The Marine expressed his feelings that while in the service a serviceman is an individual rather than a machine or wind-up toy soldier; one who has certain inalienable rights as directed by the Bill of Rights and who may express himself on policies he disagrees with and may retain a certain amount of individualism as long as the assigned job is carried out satisfactorily.

This man, a Viet Nam veteran awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, 18 Air Medals and 2 single mission (bronze and gold star) air medals, was informed that until his military contract expired he was to be a 24 hr. Marine and was to eat, sleep, and think military. There is individualism in that he was a part of the Marine Corps but his views, appearance and attitude is to be directed by those COs and staff personnel he serves under.

They in turn were only carrying out Marine Corps directives. Furthermore, the military has the right to suppress conflicting ideas and opinions due to the fact that he was influencing other troops into negative military thinking. His performance of duties was not important unless the individual looks and thinks military also.

He was also guaranteed, not threatened of course, that unless he changed his attitude and outlook regarding these matters, he would not be promoted regardless of record and proficiency merits and stands to lose his present rank if he persists in his present attitude.

This tirade reflects the narrow minded thinking and oppression of the military people in command of the military machine; one of the most potent tools of the present establishment. It is amazing the way the insignificant section leaders, etc. become an unwitting but powerful establishment tool.

It seems it was this type of oppression which induced the early American revolution and present Bill of Rights, unless, a serviceman really doesn’t have any individual rights as an American.

Don W. Vaughn Col.
USMC Selfridge AFB

To the Editors:

Where else but in Amerika, can you read weird things like, “The loss of an arm or leg is more than compensated for by the sound of the Star Spangled Banner or the sight of Old Glory.”

The author of the letter that the quote came from is Robert Kreager of Taylor, the second most fucked town in the Detroit area. In case you’re interested, this letter appeared in the Detroit News on Saturday, Jan. 31, 1970.

In hope that Mr. Kreager or somebody that knows him is reading the Fifth Estate, the following message is for Kreager.

Mr. Kreager;

In response to your letter in the News on Jan. 31, I would like to ask you the following question:

How do you tell a maimed friend or relative that he can hold a fork or walk with the Amerikan Rag or the anthem connected to their body?

I know damn well that I sound fucked to you, but what can you do with a flag or anthem? I mean like, can you spend one? Can you eat one? Can you smoke one? Will one get you high? Can you fuck one? Can you dig it? The answer to all these questions is HELL NO!

Now, WATCH OUT MOTHERFUCKER because you are an enemy of the PEOPLE!

Good-bye, Mr. Kreager.

Duane Albright


I was at the Grande Ballroom Jan. 24 when they had the benefit for John and I really dug the letter he wrote. I would be so happy if you can print it in the Fifth Estate since you have printed other” letters of his.

Keep up the good work.


Editors’ Note: John’s message from prison, read at the Grande by Jesse Crawford, is too lengthy to reprint in our pages, but the Youth International Party, which John is chairman of, is planning to reproduce it. Contact them at YIP, 1520 Hill St., Ann Arbor MI 48104.

Dear F.E.

I had the pleasure of reading your paper for the first time since leaving Detroit in November. Here in Vietnam, you hear and read only what the Army wants you to.

Two newscasters were recently relieved of their duties on AFVN radio for making the statement that they had to read censored news items. We have just as much right as anyone to know exactly what the score is.

Please keep up the good work. My buddies and I are looking forward to your next issue.

Oppressed Peons on LZ Bayonet

To the Editors:

Well, the election is over and Roamin Pig is our mayor. I know, I know, what kind of a bigot am I, making fun of Gribbs? I’m a bigot who thinks he’s woke up and hopes he’s wrong.

Last year I wore my Wallace button like everyone else, but it suddenly dawned on me that he’s a pig too. When he talked about cleaning the streets, he meant he was going to clean them up of us.

Austin is a liberal. Gribbs is a reactionary. Liberals are the only ones who can tolerate motorcycle bums. Reactionaries can’t stand us because we fuck their daughters and leave greasy hand prints on their pink little asses.

Roamin Pig is a fucking second rate cop. What cop ever tried to do anything for you except get you a maximum sentence. His main job was chief turnkey of the Wayne County Jail. Ask anyone who’s done time there what a great job he’s done.

Roamin Pig won the Mayoral job by promising to put a halt to crime. What does that mean? It means that it is our turn in the barrel.

Detroit has three types of people; it has white people, it has black people, and it has bike people.

He can’t crack down on white people because everyone knows that they don’t commit any crimes. He can’t crack down on colored people because they are organized and control a lot of votes. That leaves us.

He could jump in our shit with both feet and nobody would care, because everybody hates us. He can shoot us and beat our heads in and nobody would cry. Everyone would just pat him on the back and tell him what a great job he’s doing.

Yesterday, the colored people were the KKK’s niggers. Today, bike people are Roamin Pig’s niggers.

Don’t give up our club houses. They’re our property.


George the Greek
Penetrator’s M/C


Wow! the Fucking lifers are torturing us over here.

Would you believe some guy refused to go in the field so this lifer pig colonel tied him up and kicked him in the head?

This is the sort of thing us draftees are subjected to. I’m just- fed up with this shit. The whole world has to know what goes on over here. The gooks aren’t our true enemy. The true enemy is these lifer pig bastards.

I hope some eyes and ears are opened by this. This war has got to be stopped. We aren’t solving anything here anyway. Just helping some fascist pigs make money by making war goods back in the world.

A draftee and proud not to serve.

1st Cav. Div.
Vietnam Hell 2/7 Cav.


It’s about time people started realizing that the money we send to other countries for aid could be used to help the poverty stricken of our own country. We could help the less fortunate people of the U.S. and make the country a better place.

Sure it’s nice to help others, but I feel that first the citizens of our own land should be brought out of poverty and helped to a satisfactory level in life. Foreign countries would gain benefit from us after the crisis we have has been substantially rectified.

If we were to stay out of some other countries, we would have less wars.

Michael Burkard
Dearborn Hgts.