Police Lose


Fifth Estate # 99, February 19-March 4, 1970

A little bit of justice was done in Detroit the other day.

Gene (Reb) Bell, president of the Highwaymen Motorcycle club, and Ronnie Rose, president of the Branded, appeared in Recorder’s Court on charges of running an illegal drinking spot. The charges stemmed from a police raid on the biker’s clubhouse January 11 when Detroit police confiscated property, wrecked the entire premises, beat one person with a pool cue and arrested everyone present.

Visiting Judge Sutherland found the two men innocent of the charge February 11 after a short trial.

Reb told the Fifth Estate, the cops lied through their teeth. They tried to do their thing, but they failed.

Reb is still concerned about the damages done to the clubhouse and to the reputation of his club. He and his attorney think a civil suit against the police will be filed soon.