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For five decades the FE has been covering social struggles and debates and putting them in historical context. Now, when you subscribe or renew you can buy our two special anniversary issues—read, share and use them to put current and future struggles into context.

Cover, Issue 368-369Cover, Fifth Estate issue 395, Winter 2016

* Get our 40th anniversary issue and our 50th anniversary issue for just $10 (sorry, U.S. only).

* Get both anniversary issues PLUS a 4-issue U.S. subscription or renewal for only $20.

Order online…

To get our 40th and 50th anniversary issues alone, click the PayPal button below.

To get the anniversary issues with a new subscription or renewal, go to our Subscribe page. From the options for the New Subscription or the Subscription Renewal PayPal button select “U.S. with Anniversary issues.”

Order by mail

Write “Special Offer” on your check for $10 (anniversary issues alone) or $20 (anniversary issues plus 4-issue U.S. sub or renewal). Mail your request to

Fifth Estate
P.O. Box 201016
Ferndale, MI 48220

Our email: fe-AT-fifthestate-DOT-org

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