Group Sex


Fifth Estate # 355, Fall-Winter, 2000

Fifth Estate Note: Since his 1991 review/essay “Operation Gender Blur” [FE #336, Spring, 1991] Sunfrog has written about radical sexuality for the Fifth Estate. Both 1992’s “Pornography and Pleasure: Beyond Capital, Beyond Patriarchy” [FE #340, Autumn 1992] and 1993’s “Queer …

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Anything But White


Fifth Estate # 363, Winter, 2003/2004

This essay grew like Tennessee weeds out of the animated discussions the Fifth Estate collective members have been having about the topics related to our issue’s theme. Part memoir, part meditation, part rant—the following concerns itself primarily with two threads …

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Fifth Estate Tennessee headquarters closes


Fifth Estate # 381, Summer-Fall 2009

The Barn, located on the 120-acres of the Pumpkin Hollow Community near Liberty, Tennessee, housed the Fifth Estate office and archive, radical book and zine library, bookstore and distro. It opened with a huge party and radical variety show on …

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Firebrand Infoshop Interview


Fifth Estate # 381, Summer-Fall 2009

While the idea for Nashville’s Firebrand Community Center and Infoshop was born in 2003, the collective finally found its current home in 2008 as part of the shared Little Hamilton Collective space on Little Hamilton Road near the city’s downtown. …

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Ron Sakolsky’s Swift Winds


Fifth Estate # 381, Summer-Fall 2009

A review of: Swift Winds, Ron Sakolsky, artwork by Anais LaRue, Eberhardt Press, 2009, 128 pp., $8 // Share this on…

Forever the Day Before


Fifth Estate # 382, Spring, 2010

Ursula Le Guin was already 45 when her well-known anarchist text The Dispossessed was published in 1974. Today, she’s almost a decade older than the unlikely shero of Laia Odo, the feisty matron who wrote the core theoretical texts that …

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