Future Tension


Fifth Estate # 396, Summer, 2016

What happened to the future? The twenty-first century was supposed to be a new era; an age of liberty, love, and lucid life. The old world of misery was scheduled to be destroyed.

The Control of Computerized Television


Fifth Estate # 394, Summer 2015 - Technology

In another age, in a different lifetime, David Watson (under the name, George Bradford) wrote in the Spring 1984 Fifth Estate: “While there may be reason for concern about computer threats to privacy, it is generally overlooked that deepening privatization, …

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VR Troopers


Fifth Estate # 392, Fall/Winter 2014 - Art & Anarchy

Way back in the 1990s, the bleeding edge of the cyberpunk counterculture was in conflict over what the next stage of technological transformation was to be. On one side were the psychedelic, techno-shamans of virtual reality (VR). On the other, …

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Insurrections of Imagination


Fifth Estate # 391, Spring/Summer 2014 - Anarchy!

a review of The Collected Writings of Renzo Novatore. Translated by Wolfi Landstreicher. Ardent Press, 2012, $13, 300 pp., ardentpress.org

Against the Poverty of Language and Thought


Fifth Estate # 390, Fall, 2013

Cell phones are an overpowering, ever present factor in society. A factor which has multiplied at a staggering rate.