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Our friends at Black & Red have made these titles available to Fifth Estate readers when they subscribe or renew by adding an extra $5. Some of the titles are less expensive through B & R and we urge readers to visit their site and order. Their and our goal is to circulate these important titles through this offer to FE readers.

Jacques Baynac, The Story of Tatiana. A radical from upper class Tsarist Russia is in Switzerland to assassinate the interior minister.

Noam Chomsky, Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship. The best short history of the 1930s Spanish Revolution and Civil War.

Judith Malina, Love & Politics, Poems by the co-founder of the Living Theater that sing “the unobscurable glory of the anarchist revolution.”

Jose Peirats Appendix to Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution. An historian of the Revolution writes about post-war anarchist refugees in exile.

Henri Simon, Poland 1980-82: Class Struggle and the Crisis of Capital. Workers and Solidarity face down the Stalinist government.

Situationist International, On the Poverty of Student Life. French students critique the university.

David Watson, Beyond Bookchin: Preface for a Future Social Ecology. A critical deconstruction of Murry Bookchin, with an alternative proposed.


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