Anarchist Action in Poland

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Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

The following is from the Bulletin of Action, Anarchist news from Poland, Warsaw, July 1993.

On March 22, 1993, the Anarchist Federation and the Group of the Revolutionary Left (Trots) organized an anti-nazi demo in Kielce. There were about 250 participants. A group of 40 skinheads tried to disrupt the demonstration, but were immediately attacked and forced to flee. The fleeing nazis were protected by cops, who beat and arrested anti-nazi demonstrators; three were taken to the police station. In response the crowd invaded the station, and demanded their release. They were set free later. Easter Marches

On April 4, the alternative milieu in Poznan organized an Easter March under the slogan: “Freedom for those imprisoned for the refusal of military service.” About 300 persons participated.

In Lodz, on April 9, an Easter March was organized by the Anarcho-Pacifist Movement. The Lodz demo also had about 300 participants. Freedom for conscientious objectors was the main demand. Mayday Demos 500 to 600 persons participated in the May 1st meeting in Gdansk called by the Free Trade Unions and the Anarchist Federation. People shouted: “Neither communism nor capitalism,” “Factories to the workers.” The meeting was disrupted by cops, who arrested some participants.

After the meeting some of those attending went to the nearby police station in support of those who were arrested. Police responded by attacking the peaceful crowd and arresting about fifty persons.

About 300 demonstrators took part in the May 1st demonstration in Wroclaw, organized by the Anarchist Federation and the Anti-Nazi Front. Slogans on banners announced: “Our solidarity against nationalism, clergy, capital and state,” “Nationalism = Cannibalism,” “War to the palaces, peace to the huts.”

No More Ghettos

On May 14, Radical Anti-Fascist Action organized an anti-nationalist demonstration in Warsaw. Over 500 persons took part. The crowd marched to the monument of the Warsaw Ghetto shouting: “Stop Racism,” “Politicians = skinheads in suits.” Cops tried to disrupt the demo several times.

We urge people to organize actions at Polish embassies and consulates against compulsory military service in Poland. Bulletin of Action c/o Piotr Rymarczyk, ul. Grzybowska 30/914, 00-863 Warszawa, Poland.