Anarchist Festival in Barcelona


Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

from our Barcelona Correspondent

Barcelona, Spain—at one time known as “the fiery rose of anarchism”—was the site of a lively Anarchist International Exhibition Sept. 27 to October 10, 1993. Several thousand people attended, with the majority being young and audiences often overflowed the 2500-seat auditorium to hear panels, presentations and debates.

Themes of the Exhibition included: The International Presence of Anarchism; Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School; Art and Anarchy; and Iberian Anarchism.

People came from various countries and continents: Frank Harrison from Nova Scotia spoke in the panel on “Ethnicity, Nation and State.” From Patagonia, the southernmost province in Argentina, Luce Fabbri (daughter of the libertarian author Luigi) came to speak on “A Utopia for the 21st Century.” Others traveled from Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela to attend. Large contingents came from Great Britain as well as Western Europe.

Speakers from Moscow and the former Yugoslavia gave descriptions of growing anarchist movements in their regions.

Among the Italians was Alfredo Bonano, tall and strong, after years in prison. His intense, tender gaze retained his fervent idealism. Comrades who had been corresponding for years met for the first time with emotional embraces.

“A Week of Libertarian Cinema,” films with social content were presented at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, and continuous video showings were given at the main Center. There were two anarcho-rock concerts as well as other musical events and children’s shows.

Tables exhibited libertarian publications which treated the experiences and accomplishments of the collectives of the Spanish Revolution. The reality of those utopian days is contained in their pages.

The Barcelona news media ignored the huge event completely.