VOICE Seeks New Programs

The Michigan Daily


Fifth Estate # 1, November 19-December 2, 1965

ANN ARBOR — The Voice Political Party is shifting emphasis from demonstrations and sit-ins to an in creased educational effort on the question of U.S. policy in Viet Nam. In a meeting last week, it was decided to attempt to bring the Viet Nam issue to both the student body at U of M and the community at large on a more personal basis.

Toward these ends, a new program, designed to provide speakers on Viet Nam for various campus and community organizations, local high schools, fraternities and sororities, and dormitories. In the area of the draft, Voice feels that they have an effective vehicle for focusing public and student attention on the War in Vietnam. Mike Locker, chairman of the Voice Committee on the draft, said, “this is our best issue to further contact the public on the war.” Advice on the legal rights of students with respect to the draft will also be stressed.

In addition, a series of seminars, rallies, and discussions are being planned. Carl Oglesby, national president of Students for a Democratic Society, and several professors will take part.

Pamphleteering, mailing literature, and house-to-house canvassing was also suggested. It was hoped that by talking to people on a personal basis, the public will come to realize the sincerity of the opponents of the war, and be forced to think of the issues at hand. In short, the members hoped that a massive educational campaign on public and student opinions.

Although members discount the importance of the upcoming student referendum on Viet Nam, the success of their educational campaign will be measured, at least in part, by the outcome of that vote. The membership expressed the opinion that by playing up the educational tactics they could increase their chances of success.

There also arose during the meeting a discussion on sending delegates to a national anti-war coordinating convention which will attempt to integrate the various protest movements across the country. There also was discussion dealing with a planned march on Washington to protest the war. The march is to take place over Thanksgiving.