Fifth Estate # 100, March 5-18, 1970

It’s marching time again in Detroit.

The Detroit Coalition to End the War in Vietnam Now has called for a mass march down Woodward on April 15th to demand an immediate withdrawal of all troops from Vietnam. The march will be part of a nation-wide week of protests called for April 13-18 by the New Mobilization Committees.

Although no plans are definite at this writing, actions against the draft, against campus complicity with the war and for student’s rights are being planned for the week. Special actions will emphasize the effects of the war on blacks and women. The Vietnam Moratorium Committee will hold tax-payers rallies to protest the cost of the war.

Plans now call for the march to begin at the Wayne State University campus at 2:00 p.m. and march to Kennedy Square for a rally from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. Speakers and rock bands will be featured there.

The Student Mobilization Committee will be calling for high schools and colleges to organize strikes and walk-outs if the individual schools think they can be held effectively.

Already Highland Park Junior College has demanded that the school administration cancel classes for that day and use the classrooms for workshops on how to end the war.

The SMC meets every Saturday in the Ad Hoc building at 5705 Woodward at Palmer. Further information can be obtained by calling the Anti-war Coalition at 873-4322.


See Fifth Estate’s Vietnam Resource Page.