Anti-War March


Fifth Estate # 101, March 19-April 1, 1970

The mass anti-war march set for April 15 down Woodward Ave. may have wider support than all previous such demonstrations.

Plans call for the march to begin at the Wayne State University campus at 2:00 pm and march to Kennedy Square for a rally from 3:30 to 7:00 pm. Speakers and rock bands will be featured there.

The Detroit Coalition to End the War in Vietnam is making extensive efforts to gain working -class participation in the day’s activities. Besides doing leafleting at plant gates the group is trying to get as many UAW locals as possible to pass a Coalition-drawn resolution opposing the war and asking the UAW Constitutional Convention to go on record demanding the immediate withdrawal of all American troops.

So far the resolution has met with a good response from several Detroit area locals. “Members of Plymouth local 51, Budd – 306 and the tool and die unit of Local 600 have all passed the resolution and the membership was very enthusiastic about it,” according to Edith Gbur who is coordinating the project for the Coalition. “Our goal is to get a massive number of locals to pass the resolution in time to present it to the UAW Convention,” she said.

Part of the reason for the good reception may be due to the fact that the Alliance for Labor Action (ALA), made up of the auto workers, teamsters, and chemical workers, has come out for immediate withdrawal of troops.

The Coalition has correctly recognized that it is the organized working class that holds the power within its hands to force an end to the war. The bringing of 1,000,000 to Washington, D.C. is a monumental act and indicative of the deep seated opposition to the war among the American people. But those that have heretofore participated in the anti-war movement have been for the most part students and/or middle class and lack the power to effectively demand that the Nixon administration put an end to the war.

If 1,000,000 workers walked off their jobs in protest of the conflict, one could be assured the war would end the next day. it is significant that one of the demands of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers is that the UAW call a general strike of all workers for an end to the war. The UAW may be at a point of passing resolutions, but the day that the International will call for direct action is not close at hand. It is to be worked for.

If you want to help the Coalition build the march call them at 873-4322.

The Student Mobilization Committee reports that hundreds of high schools and colleges across the country will be struck to free students to be able to participate in the demonstrations. Several Detroit area schools will be shut by walkouts including Wayne State and Cass Tech High. If you want further information or materials (pins, bumperstickers or posters) call them at 872-8244. Both groups are located at 5705 Woodward at Palmer.


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