Defense Grows For Fort Hood Three


Fifth Estate # 13, August 30, 1966

Support for the Fort Hood Three, the three GI’s who refused to be transferred to Vietnam, is growing rapidly (see Fifth Estate August 15). A Defense Committee, set up to assist the men, has leaflets, pamphlets and buttons available on request from their office at 5 Beekman Street, NYC.

Pfc. James Johnson, Pvt. Dennis Mora, and Pvt. David Samas are still confined to the stockade at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Their conditions have improved slightly, after protests by members of their families. Nevertheless, their situation is still far from comfortable. They are treated as if they are convicted criminals, the Committee asserted.

Stanley Faulkner, attorney for the men, has filed a procedural motion attempting to postpone the court martial, and obtain the release of the three men pending a decision in the civil courts. If this motion is denied, the court martial will probably begin in two or three weeks.

The Committee has asked people to write to the ‘men and encourage them in their stand.

Pfc. James Johnson 51581277, Bldg. 6769, Fort Dix, N.J.

Pvt. Dennis Mora, 51581308, Bldg. 6769, Fort Dix, N.J.

Pvt. David Samas, 56408577, Bldg. 6769, Fort Dix, N.J.