Find Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Contest


Fifth Estate # 266, September, 1975

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Presents
Find Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Contest

Dear Contestants,

As most of you know, things were getting pretty hot here at Teamsters Headquarters what with the “little guy” about to run for the presidency of our union and threatening to spill the beans about the Pension Fund and our links with the Mafia. Well me and some of the guys thought it best if Jimmy sort of disappeared; you know, take a sort of ‘extended vacation.’ Since then, everybody from his family to the FBI has been trying to find him.

OK, we know all good things have to come to an end but we’d like to have you and your family enjoy some of the fun. All you have to do is pin-point which segment of the newly laid Detroit freeway meridians is the new home of Jimmy and his missing body.

The winner will receive a free lunch with me and my Pal, Antony (Tony Jack) Giacalone at the Macchus Red Fox in Bloomfield Hills, (wait for us in the parking lot), and $5,000 in laundered bills for your next of kin, courtesy of the Teamsters Pension Fund.

Yours in looking,
Frank Fitzsimmons