Make Big Bucks

Single Men And Women! Vets And Others!


Fifth Estate # 266, September, 1975

Collect unemployment and earn up to $97 a week for 39 weeks, $67 a week for another 26 weeks!

And pay no taxes! (just like the big corporations!)

Find out how easy it is to get paid for not working!

Tired of getting screwed by your boss and having to break your back at a useless job? All for a couple dollars an hour?

Learn how many people earn up to $194 for standing in line in air-conditioned offices for as little as fifteen minutes once every two weeks.

The Institute of Non-Careers is urging all employed people who can afford to, to quit their jobs, thumb their noses at the boss, and join the ranks of the happy voluntary unemployed.

The time to make your move is now, because as of December 1, the Michigan Employment Security Commission will institute a 13 week penalty for those who leave their jobs voluntarily. Until then, people who can give a reasonable justification for quitting their job need only wait six weeks until they begin collecting their unemployment benefits.

Many recipients of unemployment hold part-time jobs on the side (discreetly not informing MESC of the fact) and with the additional income, manage to equal and even exceed the income they had when holding a full time job!

To cash in on easier living, just call or visit your local MESC office and request information on unemployment benefits. Their brochure is self-explanatory.


After all, the money for unemployment benefits comes from employer taxes, and we do know where all our employer’s money comes from. From the sweat of our brow, of course! So why not get back a little of that surplus value?

Capitalist work is a slave-master and a thief; it steals from us our time, our creativity, our health, our humanness. It forces us to work where we don’t want for people we don’t want. Wage labor it the root of the system that robs us all of our human potential and at the same time it cannot exist without our willful cooperation in it each day’ we work.

Let’s begin to end that cooperation in our oppression!



This message is brought to you by the INSTITUTE OF NON-CAREERS (an equal unemployment opportunity agency), in the interest of building a world-wide community of individuals without careers, without job identity, without wage labor, who are not machines.

Wanda Waif, recipient of Michigan unemployment benefits

Wanda Waif, recipient of Michigan unemployment benefits for the past year, waves from the line in her unemployment office. After a short wait, she will be handed a check for $134 and go merrily on her way. Says Ms. Waif, “This really beats that stupid factory job I had before I took the advice of INC. I spent six months in the Virgin Islands, where MESC forwarded my benefits. When my money runs out, I’ll probably have to get another job, but will keep it only long enough to quit and begin collecting unemployment again.”

Laid-back Larry, another happy recipient of unemployment benefitsLaid-back Larry, another happy recipient of unemployment benefits, tells why he took the advice of INC, “Here’s my new car I bought while collecting unemployment. Gee, I just can’t believe it, $97 a week for not working, living in the suburbs and driving a late-model car….It sure is good in America.”