Violent-illegal Party forms

World Order Crumbles


Fifth Estate # 268, January, 1976

Chants of “Shave my teeth!” and “Blood! Guts! Terror!” were the theme of a militantly irresponsible demonstration called by the recently founded Violent-Illegal Party (V.I.P.) on December 12 at Wayne State University.

The occasion was that tedious but finally terminated attempt to “save Monteith College,” a small college within Wayne which faced elimination due to cutbacks. Through the duration of the pseudo-struggle to keep their little academic turf, the Monteith administration and faculty, and their idealistic dupes among the student body, kissed the asses of innumerable bureaucrats and politicians.

All to no avail, for, the WSU Board of Governors voted seven to one to phase out the college anyway, leaving the “Monteith community,” as it describes itself, with shit-smeared lips and not a shred of dignity, after promising to triple faculty “productivity” without adding staff, and other absurd depression-crazed promises.

The Socialist Workers Party, which is neither socialist nor composed of workers, but which is trying to sell itself as of late to the American bourgeoisie as the “left-wing of capital” through its boring law suits and its dreary presidential campaign was on hand to add its own brand of respectable, “revolutionary” marketing techniques to the entertainment. Earlier in that week, SWPers joined with a hodgepodge of confused radicals and liberals from Monteith in calling for a “massive, legal, peaceful demonstration” against cutbacks and the closing of Monteith.

Some suspicious and provocative elements, thoroughly sickened with slick socialism and polite politicians, formed the V.I.P. and called for an illegal, violent demonstration at the same place and time as the official demo at the Board of Governors meeting on the 12th, where Monteith was doused. In a leaflet decorated by graphics of rifles, guillotines and other instruments of terror and entitled “Sack the University,” the lunatics of the V.I.P. demanded the following:

“We call for the demolition of everything sacred to every bureaucrat, priest, cop, politician, academic and administrator on earth!

“We call for the immediate disembowelment of that clot of steaming turds, the Wayne State University Board of Governors!

“We call for the immediate impaling of George Gullen!

“We call for the sacking of this university and every institution like it everywhere!

“We call for the immediate and bloody end of Western Civilization, and All That It Stands For!” At the demonstration (attended by some thirty die-hards), as the SWP dorks and their cannon-fodder chanted such mindless Mao-oid slogans as “They say cutback, we say fight back,” and “Save Monteith,” members of the V.I.P. yelled, “The Workers Demand New Slogans,” “Shave My teeth!” “Education is a bore,” and “Pick up a gun; Shoot a nun.”

Later, the ritual sacrifice and symbolic flaying of a bureaucrat was performed for the benefit of the confused, legal, peaceful and inoffensive demonstrators, in which the bureaucrat’s suit was literally torn from a V.I.P. member’s body as he screamed “I’m George Gullen” (WSU President).

The seditious V.I.P. has promised more extreme and bloodier actions against the boring spectator sport of university politics.