Nixon Kicks Bucket


Fifth Estate # Daily Barbarian Number 8

Nixon Kicks Bucket Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead! by Mr. Venom Daily Barbarian > Nixon Kicks Bucket The day after Richard Milhouse Nixon died, I noticed while driving to work that the flag at the McDonald’s on Woodward …

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Let’s Eat!


Fifth Estate # 296, January 29, 1979

Better Late Than Never In the spirit of the weather and the season, a few obituaries. Harry Bennet, a chief gangster for Henry Ford, scabherder, thug, assassin, head of the Ford Motor Company’s notorious “Service Department,” drowned in his drool …

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Easy come easy go


Fifth Estate # 295, November 3, 1978

Big Boost for Gas “Tan me ‘ide when I’m dead, Fred, “Tan me ‘ide when I’m dead. “So we tanned ‘is ‘ide when ‘e died, Clyde, “An’ that’s it ‘angin’ on the shed.” —Bela Kun Closing In on an Elusive …

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Bicentennial Salute

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Fifth Estate # 274, July 1976

Bicentennial A Living History 200 Years Ago Today Two hundred years ago today nothing happened. Literally nothing happened. Philadelphia was sweltering: the garbage men were threatening to strike, and had already enforced a slowdown. They knew that a goodly amount …

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Violent-illegal Party forms


Fifth Estate # 268, January, 1976

Chants of “Shave my teeth!” and “Blood! Guts! Terror!” were the theme of a militantly irresponsible demonstration called by the recently founded Violent-Illegal Party (V.I.P.) on December 12 at Wayne State University.