Death of a Cow


Fifth Estate # 269, February, 1976

SALINA, Kan.–UPI–A 1,400 pound cow rampaged for an hour through downtown business districts before being gunned down by an armed pig of the Salina Police Force.

Officer John Soukup said that he was forced to shoot the cow after it knocked him down twice and began ramming the rear door of a building where he had sought refuge. The cow, valued at $365, had escaped from a nearby livestock pen.

This exemplary act of our bovine comrade is in the best tradition of “propaganda of the deed.” It is also further proof that humans are not the only sentient beings who are fed up with authority, the State, and its armed assassins.

We look forward to the day when primordial desire is manifest and the menagerie revolts. The individual act of liberty of the cow is only an opening shot in the war for total biological liberation.