Events Calendar


Fifth Estate # 283, June, 1977

Well, there’s not much “organized” activity for June, since all the cinemas have run their course until the Fall. But with nice weather here at last it shouldn’t be too hard to enjoy ourselves.

Please do remember that this calendar is yours to contribute to, if you have any interesting events you would like to publicize. Mail us the information as early as possible in order to get it into the upcoming issue. We will print notices of most non-commercial, out-of-the-ordinary (?) and free events.

Here are two suggestions you may find interesting in June:

GUILD OF ALTERNATIVE ARTISTS presents a variety of workshops (yoga, food, tai chi, woodworking, etc.) on June 25th, all-day affair. In N.W. Detroit—19731 Forrer near Greenfield and Pembroke (between 7&8 Mile). The Guild will also hold free-form musical events and workshops on self-sufficient energy technology. For more information, call them at: 272-3128.

MICHIGAN CONFERENCE ON POLICE Spying. June 11th, Marygrove College (6 Mile near Wyoming), Liberal Arts Bldg. & Library Lecture Hall. 8 a.m. ’til 5 p.m. Conference fee $5—$2.50 for unemployed, students, fixed-income. Child care available. Call 963-0843 or the ACLU at 961-4662 for more info.