NCLC Finks


Fifth Estate # 284, July, 1977

In the aftermath of the highly successful April 30th occupation of the Seabrook, New Hampshire nuclear plant site has come documented information from the Clamshell Alliance that members of the scurrilous leftoid U.S. Labor Party (a.k.a. the NCLC or National Carcass of Labor Committees) actively operated as police informants in an effort to sabotage the demonstration.

Four pages of confidential internal memos written by the intelligence division of the New Hampshire State Police indicate only too clearly that three members of the U.S. Labor Party met with police officials in Boston, Massachusetts several weeks prior to the Seabrook occupation.

Obtained by depositions in a federal civil-rights suit brought by Seabrook demonstrators against New Hampshire Governor Meldrirn Thompson and his attorney general, the memos, filed by state policeman Donald Buxton, contain warnings by NCLC informants Larry Sherman and Graham Lowry that “the planned demonstration on April 30, 1977 at the site of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant is nothing but a cover for terrorist activity.”

Lies About Demo Plans

Contrary to the actual non-violent intentions of the Seabrook organizers, Sherman and Lowry told Officer Buxton on April 13th that “the method of operation will be the same as recently used at a bloody anti-nuclear power plant demonstration in West Germany” and added that the demonstrators vowed that “the only way they will leave the site is if they are killed.”

“The leaders feel that even if the turnout is small,” they explained, “those who do come will be well trained and dedicated, and will have the effect of shock troops.”

In the opinion of Sherman and Lowry, the organizers were “trying to gain respectability by involving educators, legitimate environmental groups and local political leaders…but essentially their aim is the destruction of property and possibly bombing.”

The ultimate conclusion expressed by “these well-informed gentlemen,” as Buxton refers to them, was that “the state of New Hampshire should do everything possible to avoid a confrontation. A confrontation is exactly what the demonstrators want.” Civic-minded folks, those two.

In a memo six days later on April 19th after receiving a telephone call from NCLC Security Staff member Rick Ennis, Buxton dutifully reports that: “Ennis informed me that on April 18, 1977, a bombing of the Pacific Gas and Light Company took place somewhere in California, and that the New World Liberation Front is taking credit for it. The NWLF is an advocate of free energy for everyone; the Labor Party considers them a terrorist organization.”

“Also,” Buxton goes on, “on April 18, 1977, in Gothenburg, Sweden, twenty (20) kilos of dynamix, an explosive, was found outside of the Moderate Party Headquarters. As soon as the above information is documented, Ennis will forward me reports on it.”

From subsequent “investigative reports” appearing in William Loeb’s right-wing reactionary Manchester Union-Leader that the Seabrook demonstrations were merely a cloak for terrorist activity and from Governor Thompson’s declaration that “the planned demonstration is nothing but a cover for terrorist activity,” it is obvious that the information supplied by the U.S. Labor Party was unquestionably accepted by the New Hampshire State Government and by the media. And why not? It gave both just what they wanted to hear and be heard.

In a Village Voice piece on the disclosure, authors Cockburn and Ridgeway made the observation that: “The unanimity of the U.S. Labor Party, the Union-Leader, and Governor Thompson on the meaning of Seabrook represented a political alliance all the more startling since in February 1974 the governor had decried the party as “scum” and the Union-Leader had done an investigative story which alleged that the party had been involved in 40 savage beatings.”

High Strung, Paranoid, Raving

The implications of these extraordinary documents are as clear as they are informative. Long-known and avoided for their high-strung, paranoid, raving interpretations of a Rockefeller/CIA conspiracy, the NCLC—fervent advocates of nuclear energy—now appear bent upon the destruction of the anti-nuclear movement, both here and anywhere else they can be effective.

In the opinion of the NCLC as stressed by their Security Staff member Rick Ennis and described by Cockburn and Ridgeway: “this terrorist activity (Seabrook) was indirectly sponsored by certain agencies of the federal government and others, such as the Rand Corporation. He argued that proliferation of terrorist activity would serve as an excuse for the federal government and the states to implement plans for a national Gestapo-type police force that would somehow affect President Carter’s policies toward nuclear power.”

The Labor Party’s conception of the nuclear terrorist conspiracy is spelled out in greater detail in a rag laughably entitled “Counter-Intelligence: ‘Nuclear terrorism,’ of course,-is impossible without multi-million dollar complicity by a federal government agency or related private intelligence capability. The notion ‘nuclear terrorism’ was developed in connection with an economic warfare (against industrial growth) scenario in the early 1970’s by the Ford Foundation, Rand Corporation and Mitre Corporation, the Wall Street think tank.”

“The scenario,” Counter-Intelligence goes on to say, “begins with a series of terrorist incidents of rising intensity, carried out under the cover provided by a mass protest movement, and backed up by feature newspaper reportage, essentially psychological conditioning. The population is conditioned to believe that nuclear terrorism could be carried out by an isolated group of fanatics; the media has omitted mention of, those facts of operational scale, expertise, and funding which prove a priori that such an incident could only occur with the full knowledge and complicity of the National Security Council, probably using Interpol and Institute for Policy Studies networks.”

“Laurence Rockefeller’s Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is the primary overseer of this nuclear terrorist network, backed up by the Friends of the Earth (FOE), an ‘environmentalist’ intelligence network composed of the World Federalist Movement headed by Rockefeller C.I.A. agent Cord Meyer…Institute for Policy Studies terrorist groups have received their instructions regarding nuclear facilities, specifically in support of the Seabrook occupation, through a new international terrorist communication newspaper, Open Road, published in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

Running the NCLC’s familiar Rockefeller Family conspiracy rap, the piece alleges that: “Funding for the ‘environmentalist movement’ is managed primarily by the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Rockefeller Family Foundation. However, for specific terrorist deployments, additional Wall Street-controlled foundations are used to conduit funds. The friends of the Earth, for example, receives its primary public funding from the Kaplan Foundation (identified in 1967 by Newsweek as a conduit for C.I.A. covert operations money).”

According to the article in the Voice, New York Labor Party stooge Stuart Pettingell admitted outright that the group worked in collusion with the New Hampshire State Police in order to save the State from the Clamshell Alliance, which was, in his words, “a prototype for building a terrorist operation.”

“We are going after Clamshell,” Pettingell drooled, and said they hoped to “dismantle this Fabian terrorist organization.”

With 21 other documents still being vied for in court by Clamshell’s lawyers—documents thus far held back on the grounds that they’d breach lawyer-client confidence between Governor Thompson and his attorney general and because they’d reveal an inside informant—there may be plenty more juicy information yet to come. In the meantime, let’s keep our eyes on the NCLC—the parasites are pouring out of the woodwork again.

— Nelson Rockefeller’s Paid Stooge