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Fifth Estate # 295, November 3, 1978

Though we do not accept commercial advertising, this Unclassified ad space is free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please send your ads in writing to our office at: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48201.

THE Prisoner Literature Project aims to supply Canadian prisoners with radical literature, preferbly from an anti-authoritarian stance. If you have any new or used, and feel like exposing prisoners to its worth, please send it along to us care of Alternative Bookshop, 2033 St Laurent, Montreal PQ H2X 2T3 Canada. This type of function already exists for American prisoners, whereas Canadian prisoners have little or no civil rights while incarcerated.

WOULD all groups and bookshops at home and abroad who have received orders from us and have not paid for their orders please do so. The reason for this request is due to the amount of letters which we have received asking for the next two pamphlets that we intend publishing—”Armed Struggle in Italy” and “Brigate Rosse”. We had hoped to have the aforementioned pamphlet ready for August, but due to the slow return in payments, we have been unable to achieve this. So, please if your account with us is outstanding, please settle it as soon as possible. Bratach Dubh, Port Glasgow, Scotland.

ULTRA, Houston’s only underground newspaper, is now available. Please write to: YIP, POB 35253, S. Post Oak Station, Houston TX 77035.

WANTED: Bizarre photographs, favorite news clippings, weird magazines, dada art, realistic satire, print-outs from/of fake organizations you have collected, wacky letters and their responses, documented practical jokes, miscellaneous tid bits for an opening in San Francisco, free to the public. Mail to The Museum of the Inconsequential, Gary Warne, Curator, 1323 11th Ave., San Francisco CA 94122 (415) 661-4121. You will receive some of my favorites in return now, and a notice for the opening when it occurs.

THE 1st time was only a warning! Great Clearing Anti-Profit Bookstore has moved to 666 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester NY 14620.

THE Joseph Maratta Library is seeking donations of books, pamphlets, leaflets, etc. on radical social change. Donators will get a friendly postcard or letter (please specify choice). Send to Joseph Maratta Library, 666 S. Clinton Ave., Rochester NY 14620.

The recently created Center for Social-Historical Documentation (CDHS) in Barcelona, Spain, has as its aim the gathering of material relating to social movements particularly that connected with the libertarian movement. This material will be freely available for consultation and could be reproduced by photocopy when requested. We would like to appeal to everyone to send us books, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, newspapers, etc. from all countries, from past to present. Send mail to E.N., Apartado de Correos 22212 Barcelona Spain

SEXUAL SCARCITY: The Marital Mistake and The Communal Alternative by Michael Betzold. Find out the secret to a life of satisfying celibacy! Onetime FE staffer and erstwhile Moose took time out from a busy baseball season to chat about wedlock, communal sex, the history of patriarchy, and other mundane matters. This book contain’s Betzold’s original, uncensored thoughts on pornography. Published by the author, this book is a must for your coffee table. Available for $3, which includes $.75 for postage from M. Betzold, 150 West Nevada, Detroit MI 48203.

COME OUT Against Briggs! TheBriggs Initiative in California is coming up-for a vote Nov. 7 and we are getting together to fight this anti-gay right wing movement. It is a fight for our freedom—A demonstration is happening Sat., Nov. 11 4:00pm at Palmer Park with a march to the police station. A public meeting/get together follows at 7:00pm at Wayne State. For more info, call the Gay Switchboard: 577-4350, 6-10pm.

BLACK EYE Press has available a list of its books, posters, postcards, and bumperstickers. All of them with an explicitly anarchist or libertarian theme. Wholesale only; no individual orders—sorry. Black Eye Press, PO Box 30097 Seattle WA 98103.