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Fifth Estate # 346, Summer, 1995

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On Gogol Boulevard is produced for the Fifth Estate by New York City/Neither East Nor West, which links alternative oppositions in the East and West, and prints news and documents unavailable in the corporate or left media. OGB sometimes involves Third and Fourth World activists in these efforts. A similar section also appears in Black Fist.

Neither East Nor West is responsible for the articles although the Fifth Estate is in general agreement with their content and OGB’s general purposes.

OGB is not only for anarchists, but for all movements seeking paths outside of capitalist and state bureaucratic models.

Gogol Boulevard takes its name from a popular hang-out for Moscow counter-culture youth.

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News and Views from (the former) Sovetsky Soyuz
—from No. 3, February 1995

In December, about a dozen anarchists picketed the Indonesian embassy in Moscow, protesting the continuing occupation of East Timor and the genocide of its population. A couple of articles about the tragedy of East Timor were published in some (almost mainstream) papers, thus putting an end to the 20-year-old silence of Russian propaganda on this topic. Unfortunately, this time the Moscow office of BHP (a company extracting oil from East Timor in spite of occupation and genocide there) wasn’t spray painted and trashed, but we’ll sure do it next time.

Protests against the war in Chechnya sparked some life into the anarchist scene in Moscow. Anarchists participated in most of the demonstrations and pickets against the war. December also saw the biggest demonstration against the war (several thousand people, ranging from Communists to liberals and the Chechen community of Moscow). They tried to organize a small “radical” march on the Defence Ministry together with some young Communists, Trots and radical liberals, but were stopped by the police. Several people were arrested later in the evening.

Five activists of the radical Democratic Union and anarchists painted the Defence Ministry with anti-war slogans and even “bombed” it with fireworks. Some of them were reported to the police and arrested. but the court set them free without any fines. There was also some leafleting in Moscow metro (which is now filled with policemen and military, looking for “Chechen terrorists”), with a couple of people arrested and fined, and some spray painting around the city. In January, some Moscow anarchists and radical liberals from the Democratic Union spray painted 13 military call-up stations with anti-war and anti-imperialist slogans. They are also planning an active campaign against the military call-up this spring.

In Nizhny Novgorod (former Gorky), the local Anarchist Club, Rainbow Keepers and the local Green Party launched a campaign against the military institutions and the war in Chechnya. Local call-up stations were spray painted with slogans like “Russia shouldn’t be a gendarme!,” “Turn your arms against those who send you to kill!” and “Here are the headquarters of the fascist army.” This happened after the local authorities remained deaf to the demands of protesters who were organizing pickets. Well, if they still will be deaf, anarchists promised to go further than words.

In Tver, a city located in the middle of the road between Moscow and St. Petersburg, anarchists participate in a campaign against the construction of a superhighway between the two capitals. Construction of the superhighway, that will have a deep base; is likely to destroy the natural underground water system of the region

Last September, Moscow anarchists and punks were trying to defend their “property rights” to a basement that was for some time used as a non-commercial club named first after the infamous sell-out Jerry Rubin and later after Ho Chi Minh (due to the fact that the club was situated not far from a square named after him and a surreal monument to Ho). On New Year’s Eve anarchists had a rather nice party there after which the club finally moved out into nowhere. Since both the Jerry Rubin/Ho Chi Minh Club and the “A” Club which was run by anarchists were homeless, they decided to join their forces. There are some reasons to believe that this union will bring about not only a cheap club where kids can hang out, but some constant place for radical meetings and activities. So far we found a basement that was given to us and now we are looking forward to cleaning it up and using it for meetings and some kind of info shop and anarchist library.

Anarchist e-mail contacts in the former USSR:

cube@glas.apc.org: a little cell of cyberspace occupied by Laure Akai and Mikhail Tsovma. The name comes from Cube Press. a project that they hope to lift off the ground sometime. So far one pamphlet was published, on Bakunin’s philosophy and social ideas. The plan for 1995 includes Daniel Guerin’s “Anarchism,” George Bradford’s “Triumph of Capital,” Fredy Perlman’s “The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism” and probably a small anthology which so far we plan to call “Mickey Mouse. Fuck Off! An introduction to critical theory” (it will contain articles from “Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.” some Bob Black. Fredy Perlman. etc.)

Also available for GlasNet (Russian APC network) is a conference glas.radical. We intend to keep it mainly Russian language and thus it is not networked to other APC networks (there’s also a problem with transferring/decoding Cyrillic letters).

Contact us: via e-mail: cube@glas.apc.org; via regular mail: POB 500, 107051 Moscow. Russia

Compiled by. Mikhail Tsovma.

Long live the ANC (Absolutely No Copyright)!

New Lithuanian Group Needs Aid


Greetings from East-Europe, ex-USSR, from Lithuania. We want to say to you, thanx a lot for all the materials you sent. It’s good, really nice support!

I’m a member of R.A.F. (Revolutionary Anarchist Front). We are anarcho-communists (like P. Kropotkin and N. Makhno). We are anarchist leftists. Also, we like revolutionary syndicalism. And, we are for a military fight against capitalism and imperialism. Also, we are for Zapatistas in Mexico etc. We are also for youth organization. R.A.F. does a zine, booklets/brochures, posters, leaflets, agitation and propaganda in other zines and also in the official press (in the periodical of the official government youth paper, I wrote extremist articles).

We write letters to people, organizations etc., do direct actions etc. Also, we can talk about @ etc., on two radio stations! Now we started a big fight against fascism and the European Union. Next time we are interested in making direct action solidarity with members of R.A.F. prisoners and others. We are very interested in a fight for workers rights! R.A.F. is a workers anarchist organization, but in it are many anarcho-punks, also three anti-fascist skins.

We need support/help from you. Please communicate with R.A.F. and send all; published materials (magazines, papers, zines), booklets, brochures, posters, leaflets, stickers, buttons. We need money for the revolutionary fight. Can you support and make a campaign for R.A.F.? Revolution and Solidarity!

—member of R.A.F.

Photo: An anti-Chechnya war demonstration in Gdansk sponsored by that city's Anarchist Federation. The burning effigy is Boris Yeltsin.
An anti-Chechnya war demonstration in Gdansk sponsored by that city’s
Anarchist Federation. The burning effigy is Boris Yeltsin. —photo: I. Balu

The Polish Anarchist Federation takes Varied Forms

What is the FA? Federacja Anarchistyczna (FA, the Anarchist Federation) is an eclectic movement, a federation of various anarchist groups and individuals from all of Poland. There are both individualists and collectivists, both eco-anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists, both “right-wing-and “left-wing” anarchists in FA. Last June the 10th Congress of the FA took place in Lodz. It was the tenth anniversary of the existence of the anarchistic movement in Poland.

Anarchist Federation, c/o Rafet Gorski, Gontyny 1/2, 30-203 Krakow, Poland.

Addresses of FA-groups and individuals:

An Arche. A group of anarchists, counter-culturalists, pacifists, libertarians, etc. from the Upper Silesia region. It is associated with FA and also with FZ (the Green Federation), but not all of its participants identify themselves with these federations. Rather individualistic angle. A bulletin for libertarian circles. “Gazeta An Arche.” is sent every month. Monthly markets of underground music and culture (“Czad-Gielda”). Information and help for people who don’t want to be drafted. An Arche, c/o Jacek Sierpinski, Dawida 5/37, 40-231 Katowice, Poland.

FA-Kielce. An anarchist group from Kielce; a part of FA. Mostly counterculturalists (punx, etc.) with a rather individualistic angle. An irregular underground zine “Lokomotywa bez nog”. Anti-draft and anti-nazi activities. Maciek Wytrych, Box 1107, 25-520 Kielce 21, Poland.

FA-Lublin. A new anarchistic group from Lublin; a part of FA. Robert Domanski, Krola Rogera 8 m. 79, 20-857 Lublin, Poland.

FA-Lodz. An anarchistic group from Lodz; a part of FA; both pacifists (connected to Ruch Anarcho-Pacyfistyczny—the Anarcho-Pacifist movement) and anarcho-syndicalists. Anti-draft activities. Jarek Kaminski c/o “ISPEPLANS”, Piotrkowska 114, Lodz, Poland (pacifists) : Karol Karlinski, Urzednicza 10 m.18, 91-312 Lodz, Poland (Anarcho-Syndicalists).

FA-Rzeszow. An Anarchist group from Rzeszow; a part of FA, but also associated with WiP (the “Freedom and Peace” Movement) who they emulate quite closely. Rather pacifistic angle, strong anti-draft activities, information and help for draft resisters. A street paper “Dlaczego”. WiP/FA, Jagiellonska 6, Rzeszow, Poland. FA-Sekcja Krakowska (FA-SK, the Cracovian Section of FA). A group ; part of FA from Krakow (Cracow), rather syndicalist angle. More demonstrations and immediate actions—social, anti-tax, anti-draft, environmentalist. Marek Kurzyniec, Narzymskiego 32 m.25 Krakow, Poland.

FA-Sekcja Trojmiasto (FA -St. Trojmiasto Section of FA). Anarchists from so-called “Trojmiasto” (the Treble City), Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Active people with their own club (unfortunately. recently demolished by hooligans), local community activities, demonstrations, a street paper, “Ulica” (over 20 issues), a private publishing house,”Man-Gala Press” with a nation-wide anarchist monthly, “Mac Pariadka” (various tendencies of anarchism, both information and theoretical articles, translation, culture). Both alternativists-syndicalists and individualists. Addresses: Janusz Waluszko, Stare Domki 6 m.7, 80857 Gdansk Poland (rather syndicalists, but also greens and other altemativists); “Mac Pariadka”, Box 67, 81-806 Sopot 6, Poland (every one).

FA-Tarnow. A group of anarchists from Tarnow, rather syndicalist angle. Jakub Strychala, Rolnicza 8 m.89, 33-100 Tarnow, Poland.

FA -Slupsk. A group of anarchists (counter-culturalists) from Slupsk. Anti-nazi activities, punk ‘zines. Arek Jastrzebski, Box 65, 76-200 Slupsk 1, Poland.

FA-Wroclaw. An anarchist group from Wroclaw; a part of FA. Mostly anti-nazi and anti-draft activities, but not only. Piotr Zuk, Niklowa 7 m.13 Wroclaw, Poland.

RSA-Warszawa (the Movement of the Alternative Society). Anarchists from Warszawa (Warsaw), associated in FA. Mostly situationists and other alternativists. Anti-nazi, anti-clerical, anti-draft activities, so-called “Critical University” (theoretical discussion meetings), an irregular paper, “Podaj Dalej”. Piotr Rymarczyk, Grzybowska 30 m. 914, 00-863 Warszawa. Poland.

Andrzej Zwawa, c/o “Zielone Brygady”, Ingardena 3 pok.100, 30-060 Krakow, Poland. An eco-anarchist who edits an environmentalist journal, “Zielone Brygady” (“Green Brigades,” also English version).

Piotr Rachwalski, Box 85, 62-100 Wagrowiec, Poland. A punk-anarchist, who organizes anti-nazi activities.

Artur Wyrwa, Wegierska 12 m.30, 65001 Zielona Gora, Poland. He publishes and distributes anarchist, libertarian and alternativist texts.

Artur Kielasiak, Pietrusinkiego 14 m.15, 42-200 Czestochowa, Poland.

Czeslaw Szewczyk, 34-654 Mecina 270, Poland. A punk anarchist.

Bartosz Sawicki, Wojska Polskiego 50 m.6, 70-476 Szczecin, Poland. A contact address for anarchists from Szczecin.

(Reprinted from News From Poland #A. For the full 8-page bulletin send $1 to NENW, 528 5th St., Brooklyn NY 11215.)

Hungary’s Alternative Net
by Marica Mezei

October 1992, in the town of Jaszbereny, 70 kilometers from Budapest, was the date of an Alternative Festival organized by some young socialists and anarchists of Hungary.

This was also when around thirty people thought of forming an “information net” which would gather all the events, thoughts and news about old and new alternative groups which were existing at that time in Hungary. These groups among others are: The Martin Luther King Society, The Antifascist Action group, various feminist, gay and lesbian groups, environmental protectionists, and the Budapest Anarchist Association. They called it The Alternative Net.

At first it wasn’t much, just a thought. Then they started to make a monthly newsletter. They spread the idea of this Net and more and more people started to join. Today it has over 400 members. The goal was never to join all these groups: they all function on their own.

For example, the anarchists of Budapest have their own bookstore (where you can buy books, anti-fascist and anarchist t-shirts, tapes and newspapers), the Martin Luther King society have their own phone line (which anyone beaten or racially discriminated against can call), and the Anti-fascist Action group have their own newspaper.

The Alternative Net helped these groups organize many demonstrations in 1993 and 1994, mostly against skinhead and police attacks. The Net members meet every Friday (for a more serious meeting) and every Saturday (just to talk). Every year the three-day Alternative Festival is held, ever since 1992.

Alternative Net, 1360 Budapest PF.1, Hungary.

New gay groups in the former-USSR

(Barcelona, SPAIN—InfoGai) The first public party for gays and lesbians in Ukraine took place in Kiev in April 1993. The event was organized by Two Colours. Several famous people from TV, theater, culture and music attended.

In Kishinev, capital of Moldova, the brand new group HOPE, with 25 members, is starting to organize campaigns about AIDS, safe sex and gay life. The group is in economical difficulty (doesn’t even have a typewriter) and also asks for posters, books, etc.

In Riga, the Gay Club of Latvia wanted to organize the festival “Baltic Pride,” an international gay summer camp for lesbians and gays. They hope to organize it every year.

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan a new gay group has been started. They want to publish a news bulletin which persons from all the former USSR can contact. Another plan is to organize a summer camp in the mountains near Tashkent. They are interested in contacting groups from other countries, and exchanging publications.

Two Colours, P.O. Box 501, Kiev 150, Ukraine 252150; Ivan Rakoto, P.O. Box 8232, 277049 Kishinev, Moldova; LG, P.O. Box 425, LV-1001 Riga, Latvia; Paul Grebenshikov, P.O.Box 425 Central Post Office, 700000 Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

(Reprinted from International Revolutionary Day Info Fanzin—very recommended: c/o Fundacion Aurora, c/ Hortaleza 19 (lo D), 28004 Madrid. Spain.

A Successful O.G.B. Campaign

In OGB/Fifth Estate, FE #341, Spring 1993, we reported on an international campaign to support Moldavian Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalist members Tamara Burdenko and her husband Igor Hergenreorder. They had been harrassed for publicly denouncing the overt nationalism and fascism of the new regime.

The campaign was successful in gaining their freedom from the regime’s repressive policies. But despite this victory, emigration became the only remaining option as their situation still remained very hard. Through the hard work of Germany’s anarchist Free Workers Union and others, both Tamara Igor and their daughter, finally got permission to leave.

The official who gave them the green light to leave the country told them, “You must have a lot of international friends.” They do, indeed.

Letter from the Estonian Anarchist League

Dear Friends:

I’m writing from Estonia because we wish you to know that now in Estonia is founded the Estonian Anarchist League (MAL). I am the representative of the League. We are individualist anarchists and our league fights against the reasons of the state’s existence. We just want to be in touch with you. Our contact address is:

M.A.L., Mari-Liis Bassovskaja, Vilja 8a-55, EE2710 Voru, Estonia

Greetings and An@rchy,

Mari-Liis Bassovskaja

Czech & Slovakian Anarcho-Syndicalist Contacts

Andrej Funk, Druzstemi Ochoz 25, 14000 Praha 4, Czech Republic;

Martin Tomes, Na vysine 1963, 560 02 Ceska Trebova, Czech Republic;

Petr Janu, Wolkerova 3, 789 85 Mohelnice, Czech Republic;

Martin Ander, Palanek 187, 682 01 Vyskov, Czech Republic;

Petr Nunc, Pavlovice 216, 751 12, district Prerov, Czech Republic.

Translators & Writers Needed

On Gogol Boulevard needs translators in all East/Central European and ex-USSR languages for our texts. If you’re serious please write. We are also looking for writers for OGB. We need analyses of current events in the East plus editors to do synopses of longer texts. Interested? Write Neither East Nor West, 528 5th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215; phone (718) 499-7720.