Veep Creep Greeted


Fifth Estate # 36, August 15-31, 1967

H. Horatio Humphrey, United States vice-warlord, was welcomed to Detroit last week by a 200-man anti-war picket line in front of Cobo Hall.

Humphrey was in Detroit to speak about riots and other such domestic problems at the National Association of Counties Convention. Official U.S. policy on riots, according to Humphrey, is that the government is against them.

Members of various local anti-war groups, however, protested official U.S. policy on Vietnam and the draft. While Humphrey, as vice-president, has little power in deciding this policy, he serves as Johnson’s chief propagandist for the war.

Breakthrough was able to scare up about ten people to picket Humphrey on a different section of sidewalk in front of Cobo Hall for “Victory in Vietnam.”