Anarchy online?

A sampling of websites by FE current and former staff, contributors, and friends


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

Millard Berry–Long time Fifth Estate photographer and staff member.

Detroit Artists Workshop–Founded in 1964 in Detroit’s art and cultural community. Personnel and events frequently coincided with the Fifth Estate.

Egg Syntax–FE staff member, writes experimental music: and metablogs regularly on the intersections of art, technology, and ethics:

Anu Bonobo’s “Blogging in Babylon”:

Factory School:

Stephen Goodfellow–Artist, Layabouts lead singer, cultural and community historian, and amateur astronomist:

The Layabouts–Stephen Goodfellow, who was the band’s lead singer, put together this site on the group. Personnel included several FE staff members and friends:

Pumpkin Hollow–Fifth Estate southern headquarters and communal farm:

John Sinclair–Cofounder of the Detroit Artists Workshop and the White Panther Party, Fifth Estate columnist, and now a radio broadcaster in Amsterdam. Also, front man for his group, the Blues Scholars:

Leni Sinclair–Legendary Detroit photographer, chronicler of the Cass Corridor jazz, rock, art and political scene whose photos have appeared numerous times in the Fifth Estate. Her photographs of the MC5 are almost iconic:

Tribes of the Cass Corridor–Stephen Goodfellow, creator of the Zapped Pyramid on the cover of each FE issue and whose art graces this issue, chronicles the lives and places that have been part of the area in Detroit where art and politics thrived, including the Fifth Estate

Peter Werbe–Long-time FE staff member and radio talk show host: