Contents of print edition


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

Fuck AuthorityFE Histories & Memoirs

No Anarchy, No Money page 6

Offices as Autonomous Zones page 7

The History of the Fifth Estate by Peter Werbe page 8

Music as Revolution page 20

Giving Up the Gun Fetish page 21

Zapping the Pyramid by Don La Coss page 22

Notes toward a history by David Watson page 26

Detroit’s Jovial Community by Lorraine Perlman page 40

Examining Zerzan page 44

Giving the president our piss page 45

Still from Detroit by Sunfrog page 46

Posters, Covers, Art, & Poetry

The Appeal of Anarchy by John Moore page 2

Fuck Authority page 3

Un-Dewars Profiles page 12

Women’s Issue 1971 page 13

Pyramid by Stephen Goodfellow page 24

MegaDeath page 25

Workers of the World, Relax page 38

Queer Anarchy page 39

Panic in Detroit, Christ’s Body Found page 51

No War, No Followers centerfold

Pontiac’s Speech to the White Man by David Sinclair page 92

Sex & Revolution by Marie Mason page 103


The Zen Already in Anarchism by Spencer Sunshine page 67

Zen Anarchy by Max Cafard page 69

Escapism by Peter Lamborn Wilson page 74

On Having Something to Do by Sunfrog page 77

Black Star North by Ron Sakolsky page 80

The next mutiny on the Bounty by PM page 83

Obituaries, Jackson MacLow, Carlos Cortez page 78

News, Editorials, & Tales from the Planet page54

Book Review, Recipes for Disaster page 93

Back Matter (Anniversary Shout Outs, Back Issues Catalog, The Barn, Call for Contributions, Subscriptions, Calendar) page 95

The watercolors on pages 65 through 73 are by Ken Stechuk, Detroit