Pyne vs. Krassner


Fifth Estate # 37, September 1-15, 1967

NEW YORK (UPS)—Paul Krassner was supposed to appear on the Joe Pyne show Sunday, July 16, but the tape was never shown. Paul had doubts that Pyne would show the tape even though his guest appearance was announced in the TV section of every paper.

As Paul tells it the producer of the show explained “If Joe don’t like it, Joe won’t show it!”

The reason it wasn’t shown was that Pyne got a lot of his own shit thrown in his face and it was Krassner who supplied the pitching arm. During the middle of the interview with Krassner, Pyne reverted to his true form, an obnoxious pig posing as a human, and made horrible allusions to Paul’s acne scars.

It was really bad for a couple of minutes until Krassner calmly interrupted his venom and said, “Tell me, Joe, when you go home at night do you take off your wooden leg before you make love to your wife.” Pyne has a wooden leg due to an injury in WWII. Always was under the impression it was his head.

This exchange didn’t sit too well with Pyne, who for five whole minutes was catatonic to say the least. It looked bad for Paul when a couple of Pyne’s followers started yelling, “That’s not fair! That’s not fair!” and Pyne had a look in his eye as if he were going to take off his wooden leg and beat Paul over the head with it.

But nothing happened and that’s the inside scoop on how Mother Goose got her balls cut off.