Red Flag Sale


Fifth Estate # 37, September 1-15, 1967

Last winter at a Draft Conference held in Central Methodist Church in downtown Detroit a Soviet flag was hurled at the speaker’s platform by Don Lobsinger, head of Breakthrough, a local kook group.

Despite the urgings of some draft resisters that the left join the right in stamping on “that dirty revisionist flag” it was rescued and remains intact. The flag is a beautiful revolutionary red with a gold hammer and sickle in the corner. It is a full five feet by three feet in dimension.

If you would like to become the possessor of this flag in time to fly it for the Fiftieth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution call the Fifth Estate office at 831-6800 and put in your bid. (Cash or goods accepted). The proceeds will go to the Draft Resistance Committee.

Update: “that dirty revisionist flag” reflects a correction printed in FE #38, September 15-30, 1967. The original text read “that dirty visionist flag.”