Want to Sell The Fifth Estate?

Since the beginning, Fifth Estate readers have wanted to know how they can help the paper grow. Here are a few suggestions


Fifth Estate # 37, September 1-15, 1967

1) Subscribe. Send $2.50 for a one year subscription and 26 issues of the paper. Send a gift subscription to a friend.

2) Sell the Fifth Estate at school, on the streets or at public places. Our sales people earn 5 cents on each paper they sell. Call 831-6801 or write to: 1107 West Warren, Detroit Michigan, 48201.

3) Ask a nearby book or record store to sell the paper. Underground papers are more popular than ever, and more than 100 stores already sell the Fifth Estate. Send or call in the name of a store you’d like to see carry the paper. If things work out, you’ll get a commission.

4) If you’re an artist, writer or a photographer and you’d like to work on the Fifth Estate, call 831-6800.

Remember, Fifth Estate readers have fewer divorces than readers of Detroit’s other two newspapers.