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Notes from the FE Collective


Fifth Estate # 370, Fall 2005

Welcome to the second issue in the fortieth anniversary year of this publication. The first was published in February and was our official commemorative edition. It was the largest and most colorful issue ever printed since we began in 1965. The anniversary issue was a double one constituting our publishing efforts for both Spring and Summer 2005. Hence, you have not missed an issue and you are reading the next in our series.

Thanks For Your Support

Through the generous contributions of our Sustainers, and many of you who sent in donations when renewing your subscriptions, we are the closest we’ve been to financial stability in a long while. Thanks to those of you too many to list that make this publication a possibility.

Missed our 40th?

If you missed the last issue, filled with memoirs and articles from the last 40 years, we urge you to order one while they last. Please see ordering information on page 55, or simply send $6 to our Ferndale, Mich. post office address.

What’s New

As this publication is always evolving, there are a couple of new developments. You’ve probably noticed that we’ve given the magazine a fresh new look and layout design. Also, our faithful front page logo that has served us well for a good portion of our years, has been replaced with a new one. Not as obvious is that this edition was coordinated and produced back in Detroit where the publication was headquartered for most of our history. In 2002, our Tennessee friends and comrades at Pumpkin Hollow revitalized our almost moribund project and began our current quarterly publishing schedule which they have produced for 12 issues, never missing a deadline. Without them, you would not be holding this magazine in your hands today.

However, to make time for other pursuits, including a new book publishing project, the Hollowers have decided to only put out two issues per year. Based on revived enthusiasm, the Detroit publication group, beginning with this issue, will be responsible for Spring and Fall issues, with the PH comrades putting out the other two. We’re committed to bringing out a minimum of four issues a year even as other anti-authoritarian publications are cutting back their publication schedules.

This issue’s theme: Wobblies and Work

This issue is devoted to the theme of Wobblies and Work; a celebration of the radical 100 year history of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Also contained in our special section is our continuing ambivalence about work itself and what role it plays in the repression of our desires and the destruction of the planet.

Art in this issue

P. 5 Stephen Goodfellow

P. 14 Flavio Costantini,
Kate Sharpley Library

P. 28 Eric Drooker, from Street Posters & Ballads,

P. 42 Peter Kuper

P. 43 & 47 Nicole Schulman