Genderfuck the RNC!

For the liberation of desire! For dance parties amidst the ruins!


Fifth Estate # 377, March 2008

On November 9 to 11, Milwaukee hosted the Midwest Anti-RNC Planning consulta. During the Sunday break-out strategizing session, a group met to discuss the possibilities of militant trans and queer action against the Republican National Convention in 2008.

Those involved in the discussion expressed their desire for a trans and queer bloc to play an integral and aggressive role in the strategy to shut down the RNC. It was proposed that such a bloc could hold one of the key intersections surrounding the convention center or could crash the parties of especially grievous religious fundamentalists.

From this session emerged the Queer Action Network, a group of radical (anti-authoritarian) sex-positive queers, deviants, transfolk and gender rebels. Through means of direct action, we aim to oppose all forces of oppression and assimilation, and to dismantle systems of control and repressive social constructs. We intend to work towards queer empowerment, the liberation of desire, deconstruction of gender, and relationships without restraint.

In the upcoming months, Queer Action Network and Chicago Bash Back will be working out the tactics needed to queer-up the RNC in the Twin Cities. The strategy of creating 15 to 20 blockades in downtown St. Paul on the first day of the convention is one that allows almost infinite possibilities. We’ll have the opportunity to create the world we want–a world where desire can run wild. Join up, contact us, and come to a meeting: help ensure that when the barricades go up on September 1, 2008, all the inhibitions of the old world come crumbling down. The politicians think we’re revolting anyway, so let’s give them a reason. Genderfuck the RNC!

A convergence for scheming and dreaming will take place in Chicago the weekend of April 5th. Radical queers, transfolk, anarcha-feminists, and allies are invited to come to Chicago to ensure the end of their world and the beginning of ours.

info: ChiBashBack–at–gmail–dot–com