Better Living—Thru Chemistry



Fifth Estate # 38, September 15-30, 1967

UPS—Superpot! To obtain pure cannabis resin—almost colorless, odorless, tasteless: take hash and reduce to a powder. Dissolve in small quantity of petroleum ether. Ordinary lighter fuel will do for this purpose.

Shake and bring to the boil. Take care it does not explode—lighter fuel boils at about 70 degrees. Unwanted mush will settle at bottom. Pour solution into a saucer, flush muck down bog.

Allow lighter fluid to evaporate. This can be done in a few minutes by using a hair dryer or heater. A very small but highly potent quantity of cannabis resin is obtained this way.

To make it stronger: expose pot to ultra-violet light. A sun lamp will do. Five or ten minutes exposure is enough. Under optimal condition, using powerful ultra-violet light in science lab, for one hour, one underground researcher was turned on for 48 hours by cannabis resin.

Extracted resin can be ingested in a number of ways: for safe dosage, smoking is best; dip an ordinary cigarette into solution of cannabis resin and lighter fuel. In a moment or two, you can prepare a packet of 20 straights. Let lighter fluid evaporate before smoking.

Superpot does work. Cleaner, less fuzzy than standard pot, its effect is more like a small trip. Superpot could be major blow to fuzz. Bradley Martin Joint of Honor is extended to those who discovered it. Become a scientific researcher.

Experiment. Take notes. Send on the results for your fellow beings.

Important update: see “More Dope on Superpot,” FE #39, October 1-15, 1967 for related information.