Neanderthal Liberation Front

Four Percenters Unite


Fifth Estate # 389, Summer, 2013

“…a little Neanderthal DHA, between one to four percent, exists in (some) people today…The Neanderthals are not dead; some of them live on in us.”

— Svante Paabo, Max Planck Institute, Neanderthal Genome Project


Resistance against alienation begins

w/ Neanderthal Liberation Front circa

40,000 BC. Giants of folklore stand for

archaic secret society’s perpetual uprising

launches itself again & again against

humanity itself

to which we do not quite belong

& are not by blood particularly loyal.

Our clans descend from the pre-human

the Pre-Adamite Kings–

Caves–the Hollow Earth–the grotesque grotto–

bones–huge old black bones w/ metallic luster

bones of the Cave Bear worshipped in the Ice Age.

Someday this world’s merely human regime

will crumble or be overthrown & we neo Neanderthals

will come out & reclaim the day.