Grange Appeal


Fifth Estate # 360, Spring, 2003

“The work we are going about is this, to dig up Georges Hill and the waste grounds thereabouts, and to sow corn, and to eat our bread together by the sweat of our brows. // Share this on…

Spiritual Anarchism


Fifth Estate # 359, Winter, 2002-2003

“Cowper came to me and said: ‘O that I were insane always. I will never rest. Can you not make me truly insane? I will never rest till I am so. O that in the bosom of God I was …

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Letter: Mrs. Ludd.


Fifth Estate # 358, Fall, 2002

  first Volunteer to serve the Negation Never too late for Mrs Ludd If Bugs Bunny’s a Surrealist what’s that make Elmer Fudd? Wherever you are tonight Mrs L Tiamat Tara river nymph undine Captain Moonlight & Saint Monday flaneurs …

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My Summer Vacation in Afghanistan


Fifth Estate # 357, Summer 2002

First time in Afghanistan, late winter 1968/9, making the Overland Trail fast as possible through howling cold of Central Asian steppes. Minibus from Mashhad to Herat, arriving at the border crossing: dark, dusty, cold and bleak. (Later, I was to …

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New from Black & Red


Fifth Estate # 356, Spring, 2002

a review of Love & Politics, Judith Malina, Preface by Ira Cohen, 2001, Black & Red, PO Box 02374, Detroit, Michigan 48202, $5 postage included, 84 pages // Share this on…

Fool’s Day


Fifth Estate # 404, Summer, 2019

Since the anti-wizard who disenchanted the world was Capitalism, we must assume that Capitalism will have to vanish by evolutionary necessity in order for re-enchantment to triumph. // Share this on…

Life is Not a Machine


Fifth Estate # 399, Fall, 2017

I recently read an incredibly annoying article in a 2015 New York Review of Books. This liberal-policy-wonk and literary monthly is run by Secular Humanoids, i.e., people trained by universities in the humanities who worship science than most scientists, who …

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Roses and Nightingales


Fifth Estate # 363, Winter, 2003/2004

Introduction The military dictator Reza’ Shah Pahlavi changed the name of Persia to Iran in 1935. This move was part of a broader effort to craft a nation through the celebration of a largely imaginary Indo-Aryan past at a time …

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Tombeau for L


Fifth Estate # 365, Summer, 2004

Introductory note by Sunfrog People connected with the ‘zine and mail art communities of the 1980s or with the rural, artistic, experimental music factions of the anarchist milieu in the 1990s might remember the co-founder of Dreamtime Village, Lyx Ish, …

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Take Back the Night


Fifth Estate # 365, Summer, 2004

Electricity was known to the ancients. Archaeologists found primitive batteries in Crete—probably based on lost Mesopotamian or Egyptian prototypes. Clearly the old mages kept it a deep secret. Franklin didn’t discover it, he appropriated it from Hermeticism and gave it …

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