“Master Jesus on Venus” Claims Detroit Group


Fifth Estate # 39, October 1-15, 1967

Probably one of the most unusual groups ever to meet in Detroit is the Aetherius Society headquartered at 20771 West 8 Mile Rd. The Aetherius Society is a worldwide non-profit organization which was organized says Miss Edna Spencer, head of the Detroit Branch “at the command of the Cosmic Masters who inhabit Mars and Venus and other highly-cultured planets in this solar system.”

The Society holds several meetings each week where new age sciences and teachings from other planets are studied. Lecture programs, prayer vigils for world peace and special meetings as directed by the Planetary People are open to the public.

“Not only are there very advanced civilizations on other Planets in this Solar System where people do not grow old or become ill and where there is no war or catastrophe,” said Miss Spencer, “but the great peoples on other Planets have been planning and working tirelessly for many centuries on a vast Cosmic Plan to bring to this earth conditions similar to those enjoyed by the inhabitants of other Planets. They have been working on our behalf under orders of the governing body of this Solar System which is referred to as Interplanetary Parliament and which is based on the Planet Saturn.

“An inhabitant from another planet in this Solar System, a great scientist and Master, has even been chosen to come to earth ‘shortly’,” Miss Spencer went on to say, “to show us how we can, by using science correctly and cooperating with universal laws, eliminate forever from earth all disease, old age, war, ignorance and violent weather disturbances. This great Master and scientist will come in a ‘Flying Saucer’ and when he does, the whole world will know about it.

“The scientists and Masters from other Planets have been watching over and surveying our earth for eons,” Miss Spencer said. “Their spacecraft commonly called Flying Saucers, have been seen all over the world by well-known astronomers, scientists and literally hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. Flying Saucers have been photographed widely and have been tracked by radar and theodolites. A few people have even met the people manning these spacecraft and have ridden in their spacecraft or Flying Saucers”.

Miss Spencer said that “Cosmic Masters” are allowed to help mankind only to the degree that we are willing to help ourselves and to be of unselfish service to mankind. “They are not allowed to interfere with our free will in anyway nor force anything upon us which is one of the reasons why they cannot land openly until our governments or the majority of people have invited them or, at least, we have become aware of these things.”

Miss Spencer explained that the Aetherius Society was organized in 1956 at the request of the governing body of this solar system based on Saturn and that seven objectives had been given to the Society to implement the great plan for earth. Such a plan to help our world requires tremendous preparatory work on earth also, and the Aetherius Society was organized so that the people on other planets would have on earth a group to disseminate the teachings received from other Planets, to prepare a platform for the Cosmic Master who will be landing on earth, and to work closely with the Cosmic Masters in other ways prescribed by them to help all mankind.

Dr. George King, president and founder of the Society, is a Yogi who can bring on cosmic consciousness at will. The government
for this Solar System, Interplanetary Parliament, picked him out of billions of people on this Earth to be their “Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel”-their line of communication to the people of Earth.

“The Aetherius Society, in spite of its comparatively small size, is given missions and operations by the Interplanetary Parliament so difficult to perform that no other group, church, government, or organization could do them,” Miss Spencer says.

And finally, when asked about skeptics, Miss Spencer replied, “Nobody could dream up anything as the things you learn in the Aetherius Society.”

That’s probably true.