Cass-Forest Unitarian Church rocks

with 3 day blast in September?!


Fifth Estate # 60, August 15-September 4, 1968

The weekend of September 6th, 7th and 8th will provide for diggers of radical-rock an unusual and revolutionary concept at the First Unitarian-Universalist Church, in the heart of the Warren-Forest Community (corner of Forest and Cass).

Long active in social and cultural activities, the church, through the sponsorship of its “Social Singles” group, will host a weekend of hard rock music, psychedelic and stroboscopic light shows, underground films, love-ins and similar activities related to the theme of the festival—DIALOGUE 68

John Sinclair, poet and agent for several radical-rock groups, along with the Trans-Love Energies people of Ann Arbor, are working with the Unitarian Social Singles group in planning the show.

The schedule for the three nights is as follows:

Friday—Psychedelic Stooges, UP, and Billy C. and his Killer Blues Band.

Saturday—MC5, the Stooges, and the Popcorn Blizzard, a new band from Saginaw making its first Detroit appearance.

Each evening, prior to the performances, a showing of underground films will be presented by the Detroit Repertory Theater. Ralph Pickett and Bruce Milan, directors of the first regular Underground Theater in Detroit, have scheduled several award-winning films, among them, the Doors’ “Unknown Soldier.”

Advance sale tickets will be available at Hudson’s, Grinnell’s Downtown Ticket Office, and the Unitarian Church Office.

Price of the tickets will be $2.50 per performance. Tickets for all three performances will be $6.00.

Further information can be obtained by writing: G.E. Campbell, Coordinator, DIALOGUE-68, First Unitarian Church, 4605 Cass Ave., Detroit, 48201.