Going to Chicago


Fifth Estate # 60, August 15-September 4, 1968

At this writing it is completely unclear what to expect in Chicago. It looks like the YIP and the National Mobilization Committee, the group coordinating the political activity, is going to let everybody “do their own thing.” So YOU be ready to do it because it doesn’t look like anyone is going to assist you.

There is no organized transportation arranged by the sponsoring groups. Individuals should get together with others and try to arrange car pools. The Fifth Estate will assist in this by having a bulletin board at our office with a listing of people who can drive and people who need rides. Drivers and riders should come to the office and sign up. ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE.

Accommodations also are completely unorganized. The Yippies have been negotiating with the Chicago authorities to get them to lift their ban on sleeping on the beaches and in the parks, but it seems doubtful that they will. People should bring blankets or a sleeping bag. Check with Chicago YIP about the possibility of housing (Number at the end of the article).

There are no provisions or bail money available for those arrested in demonstrations or more insidious activities like dope smoking Or street fucking. Be cool. The Chi cops are out to kick ass and take names. If you do get busted call the Chicago YIP and hope.

If you are going to hitch-hike to Chicago stay off the freeways; its illegal to thumb on them. Get a good map from your local gas station and don’t accept rides with anyone that has a Wallace for President sticker on their car.

ATTENTION DRIVERS: If you are willing to pick up riders cut out the “Going to Chicago” sign and put it in the right-hand corner of your windshield. This will let others know you are cool to ride with.

Also, stay tuned to WABX-FM where we will be broadcasting the latest reports from Chicago that we receive after our press time.

837 LaSalle
(312) 337-2623

Copy down these numbers:

National Mobilization Committee
507 S. Dearborn, Rm 315
(312) 939-2666

1608 Madison W.
(312) 666-3874