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Fifth Estate # 63, October 3-16, 1968

Street Fightin’ Man

Editors’ note: While the Beatles are copping out, the Rolling Stones are running a hard line. The following is part of the lyrics from their latest record:


But what can a poor boy do

Except to sing for a rock n roll band.

Guess in a sleepy London town,

There’s just no place for a street fighting man.

Hey, think the time is right for a palace revolution.

But where I live the game to play is

compromise solution.


Hey, said my name is called Disturbance.

I’ll shout and scream,

I’ll kill the king.

I’ll rail at all his servants.

Wizards split

Ted Lucas and Richard Keelan, performing until recently as the Misty Wizards have gone their separate ways. The two had performed all summer in a coffee house at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival. The two were the last of the Spikedrivers, Detroit’s first psychedelic rock band.

Ted was philosophical about the breakup, “We didn’t have a big hassle, we just decided to each do our own thing. Now I’m able to perform all of my own compositions and do improvisational material,” he said.

Ted is doing a steady gig at the Chessmate Coffee House on Livernois every Monday and Wednesday night. I’ve been playing and experimenting with a lot of different instruments. During a night’s performance I play acoustical guitar, sitar, zither, bouzoukee, and auto harp. I’ve dug playing and think the audience has liked it too.”