Narks Ready


Fifth Estate # 64, October 17-30, 1968

WASHINGTON (LNS)—The Justice Department is getting ready for a crackdown on the “illegal sale and use of drugs,” according to an announcement by Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

The nation’s top cop recently announced the appointment of 30 key officials and the creation of 17 regional offices by the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

The two men chosen as Associate Directors for the new bureau are Henry L. Giordano, former Commissioner of Narcotics, and John Finlator, former director of the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control. Giordano, whose crusade against pot began three- decades ago, will head enforcement, while Finlator will supervise “other bureau functions.

It looks as if the Bureau means business. The top narc to watch out for is Edward J. Anderson, who will work out of the Bureau’s Washington headquarters with the title of Assistant Director for Intelligence and Foreign Operations.

This new bureau is part of a government streamlining move which entails the combining of two former agencies to undertake “‘massive efforts in enforcement, education and research.”

In fact, three of the seventeen regional offices are located abroad—in Mexico, Rome and Bangkok. This is not a new development; the Federal government has had narcs in these capitals for some time.

The supervisor for the Michigan-Ohio-Kentucky region, with offices in Detroit, is Charles G. Ward.