Fifth Estate # 78, May 1-14, 1969

LIBERATION NEWS SERVICE—When two North Korean MIG fighters attacked a U.S. spy plane and shot it down on April 15, self-righteous protests immediately came puttering out of Washington.

D.C. Inhoguration


Fifth Estate # 72, February 6 - 19, 1969

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)—A river of young Americans flowed up into downtown Washington from 14th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue, away from the Death Parade marking Richard Nixon’s Inauguration January 20.

Cuba: Ten Years Old


Fifth Estate # 70, January 9-22, 1969

LIBERATION News Service (Editor’s note: On New Year’s Day in 1959, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and their victorious guerrilla army strode into Havana. The day before, Fulgencio Batista, the ruthless dictator who had been the prime object of the political …

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Narks Ready


Fifth Estate # 64, October 17-30, 1968

WASHINGTON (LNS)—The Justice Department is getting ready for a crackdown on the “illegal sale and use of drugs,” according to an announcement by Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

SDS Takes New Turn


Fifth Estate # 83, July 10-23, 1969

with additional notes by Fifth Estate staff CHICAGO (LNS)—SDS expelled the Progressive Labor Party (PL) and its political allies from the ranks of the organization June 21.

Left Reacts to Czechs


Fifth Estate # 62, Sept. 19-Oct. 2, 1968

LONDON, England—Liberation News Service—Europe’s left, new and old, has been brutally unanimous in its criticism of the Soviet military intervention in Czechoslovakia.