Arrests Made in Bombings


Fifth Estate # 66, November 14-27, 1968

Detroit police arrested 11 neighborhood street brothers and sisters over Nov. 10th and 11th and charged them with “conspiracy to place explosives with intent to cause damage,” a bullshit rap that carries a 25-year maximum prison sentence.

Snatched up were David Valler, who was already in the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond on two phony marijuana sales beefs; Joseph Clever; Antoine Daghuyt; Gary. Miltemore; Ronald Pierce; John Schmittroth; William Ladd; James Moscara; Sandra Rousseau; Benjamin Parks; and Diedre Flowers.

Bond for all but Miltemore and Diedre was set at $25,000 each by Recorder’s Court Judge Joseph Maher; the two others were released on $5,000 personal bond.

The “conspiracy” charges represent a common pig ruse used to kidnap citizens and hold them for ransom when they can’t get anything else on them.

According to attorney William Segesta, the Michigan statutes provide that no act has to be committed in order to bring conspiracy charges. All a cop has to do is say these people got together and talked about blowing up a place, or robbing a bank, or selling dope, and they’re liable to arrest and imprisonment.

It’s the latest concentration camp-police state tactic Detroit pigs have used against freeks in the last few years, and the most vile, since it has no basis in reality other than a pig’s oink.

The neighborhood brothers and sisters of the captives are organizing a defense fund to raise money for legal help. Attorneys James Lafferty and Bill Segesta among others have volunteered their help, and any other lawyers who can offer help are urged to contact the Defense Committee through the Fifth Estate. A benefit dance concert will be staged as soon as a location can be arranged, and news will be broadcast over WABX-FM.

Police reported that 8 additional warrants had been issued, but hadn’t been cashed in by our press time. However, it is expected that more “anti-Establishment types,” as the pigs called the accused conspirators, will be arrested and otherwise fucked with soon. If these brothers and sisters are railroaded, it’ll be time for the gestapo to come and take all of us away. Support the Defense Fund now. Up against the wall, Johannes Spreen!