Eat it


Fifth Estate # 66, November 14-27, 1968

After talking about it for a long time, there finally is someplace to go on Sunday Mornings, someplace to pick up the Times and read it over coffee and danish.

Your own Eat It girl is opening Alvin’s Finer Delicatessen (Cass at the expressway) on Sundays. We started a few weeks ago with danishes and donuts, my mother’s homemade apple pan dowdy, and a special for the day, Sandy Feldheim’s cheese blintzes. We had a nice crowd and everyone seemed to encourage us.

The idea for opening a place especially on Sunday morning for the ritualistic Times reading came out of much grumblings about the usual Detroit dilemma, NO PLACE TO GO. My friends and I would spend our Sundays at each others houses, the Det. Institute and Johnnies’ BTB (before teeny-boppers), and continue to talk about getting a place with a homey atmosphere where We could sit most of the afternoon, talking and reading.

When Al Stillman opened his delicatessen we were all excited because we finally had a place and a guy who grooved what he did and showed it. Al had a few Sunday gigs like Bach and Bagels, but nothing regular. He dug the idea of What we Wanted and said his place could be ours on Sunday.

What I would eventually like to do is get into salami and eggs, or whatever the weekly menu would be, all you could eat for a set price. Right now we’re limited to pastry and bagels, but if you help make this a success, we will certainly keep on trying new things.

So come down on Sundays. The hours are 11 to 3 or 4—so long as people are there, we’ll be there.

Eat It and Read It on Sundays with Judie at Alvin’s.