Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 66, November 14-27, 1968

America’s election farce is over and proved to be one of the dullest in years reminiscent of the Eisenhower years as Hank Malone points out in this issue. The only pleasant surprise was the small number of Americans willing to vote for George Wallace’s militant brand of racism. They obviously prefer the more subtle and effective variety advocated by the other two creeps. Wallace pulled only 7.8 per cent of the vote outside of the South and this isn’t a hell of a lot given the amount of money he spent on his campaign.

The left minority parties did better than they have in twenty years. Eldridge Cleaver pulled 195,134 nationally according to the Associated Press. In Michigan he received 4,008 statewide; 1,780 in Wayne County. The majority of his votes were from New York and California.

Dick Gregory received 148,622 nationally and Eugene McCarthy polled 3,984 as a write-in candidate.

The votes of the Socialist candidates won’t be counted for another two weeks, but we did receive Wayne County vote totals. The Socialist Workers Party received 1,468 votes and the Socialist Labor Party got 744 in the county.

Fifth Estate writer Hank Malone will be on Paul Winter’s TV show Sunday, Nov 24 at 7 pm and on the 28th at 10 pm. It will be shown on Channel 56.

Be sure to see our next issue which will feature the first edition of a special Fifth Estate supplement called Talus that will appear monthly. It will be edited by Tom Haroldsotz.

If you haven’t already done so, go see “2001” and “The Battle of Algiers” before they leave town. The first is for your head and the second is to know what to do next.

Weirdness returns to radio on Sunday, November 24 at midnight in the guise of the “Houndog” show on WABX-FM.

The hour long program which went off the air in July will be hosted by Mike Kerman and will feature moldy-oldies, theatrics ( from Hopalong Cassidy to the Mickey Mouse Club and the Maharishi), and all kinds of music from Blues, folk and country to soundtracks.

WABX has gone through such good changes in the last few months with hipper and more musically sophisticated DJ’s that Kerman promises his show will feature more unusual and bizarre types of things. BEWARE.

All Wallace demonstration photos by Ken Hamblin courtesy of Detroit Scope Magazine.