Fifth Estate # 66, November 14-27, 1968

UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible. DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line. ALL UNCLASSIFIEDS MUST BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE.

Am in the army. Need suggestions to start rock blues band, SP/4 R. Williams, Box 97P, Freeport, Fla. 32439.

Edie and Marvin (the underground king) Surowitz proudly announce the birth of their first child, Molly Christine, born on Nov. 2. 7 pounds of Future Revolutionary!

Free thought, free press, free nation. Baron Von Bort for president in 1972.

Girls who called Richard to pose in nude call back 869-9830, 3:30 3:30 to 5 pm. on 11-14-68.

Hang loose. Live to fight another day.

Young swinging couple wishes to meet other swinging marrieds for good times. Photo and phone a must. All will be answered. Ed, P.O: Box 854, Royal Oak, Michigan.

Mike, do your thing. But get a haircut.

FLASH PATCHOULY FLASH & 40 other scents for body oil perfume, liquid incense, etc.—Send $1.25 to Flash, 55 Sheridan S.F. 94103.

Now available the famous Kama Sutra calendar (size 11″x17″), embodying the spirit of ’69. Enjoy a different photograph each month of one of Ron Boise’s erotic sculptures in metal. Same sculptures written up and shown in EVERGREEN REVIEW. Great Xmas gift. $4.95 for one, $12.95 for three, or send for free brochure. Dealers inquiries invited. Send check or M/O to Button Up, Suite 503-G, 160 W. 46 St., NYC, NY. 10036.

SIN GUIDE: Find or swap sex partners. Groovy club membership for one year includes hundreds of gals, guys, couples for you to meet. $5 gets all. THE EXCHANGE, Box 74818-FE 13, Hollywood, Calif. 90004.

Largely pure-of-heart, neurotically fatalistic, male 20 year old sometimes pervert, seeks much-needed corruption. Desires off-center friends (gender notwithstanding) to stage subdued bill & coo sessions and to create the Ultimate Depression. All types. 874-4728 Ask for Bing Cherry.

Self-employed bachelor wants uninhibited women for erotic fun and games. Call Charlie at 867-9218, 10 to 10.

Band needing manager in Detroit Call Terry at TO8-1946 or leave message.

Self-employed bachelor, Age 47, desires women for swinging dates Phone Albert at 869-2927, 10 am to 11:30 pm. “USA”

The Society for Young America is a system of Social Management based on democracy, without the questionable benefits of capitalism or free enterprise.

Scott, Remember the bet! Dara

Wanted, attractive 21-30 year old girl for body painting ad to be shot out of town. All expenses plus fee. Call TR5-4477, 9 am to 5 pm.

FIGHT THE ESTABLISHMENT (or ignore it)? By building our own villages we can! Want to trade demonstration signs for a hammer and saw? Gene Kalin, 3042 W. Wilson, Chicago 60625

Super-selling-all-the-shit-and-leaving-town Sale. House full of stuff accumulated by insane scavengers! Books, records, furniture, leather jackets, quasi-oriental rugs, 1953 Cadillac, kerosine heater, clothes, toys, beaded curtains, kitchen utensils, typewriter. Sat. & Sun., Nov. 23 & 24, 10 am to 5 pm. 631 West Philadelphia.

Needed: Enthusiastic people or freeks to work on new music magazine-newspaper out of Detroit. All talents considered. Call Tony Reay at TR3-8028 afternoons.

Bill, 293-7093, call after 7 pm.

Virile male desires contact with uninhibited females any age. Harry, Windsor, 256-5724, 4 to 6 pm only.

S.B. call Doug at 588-3268.

Need hip, responsible babysitter while mother attends school. 873-9480.

Massage, female only. Write to P.O. Box 12, Allen Park, Mich. for appointment.

To S.B., Call 965-7800. Ask for the T.V. Shop. Call after six.

Male 30, loner, lonely after breaking with artificial world and unreal people, seeks sensitive, beautiful, loving people of either sex—for companionship and friendship—take in Detroit scene. Box 1089, Northland Center Station, Southfield, Mich. 48095.

FUCK COMMUNISM POSTER—Red White & Blue. Send $1.25 to Flash, 55 Sheridan, S.F. 94103

Genie will chart your horoscope for you and interpret it. Send $3 with your birth date, time, and place to her at 1510 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104.

Hi Lester. Liz

We are in the process of establishing a NEW Artists’ Workshop and literary mag. We need people with technical knowledge, ideas, and contributions of any sort. Our purposes are to rehabilitate and re-channel bad energies being spent in drug-stupor and to create paying jobs for our people. Write Lynn at 224 Cortland Apt. 102, Highland Pk, 48203.

FIRST I WILL SHOOT YOU, then blow you up, and then you can hang your 30″ X 40″ Hyper-Poster. Call for appointment or send any (!) photo, art or anything depictable (unharmed) to Gero Hoschek, 14848 Stansbury, Det. 48227. Ph: 272-1792. Include only $6.00.

SEX ORGIES: If your thing includes fun in the flesh and you’re 21 or older, our groovy guides are for you. Year’s membership $5.00. THE SWINGER, Box 74607-FE 39, Hollywood, Calif. 90004.

SEXUAL FREEDOM LEAGUE publication—Intercourse. New issue, mailed in pl. cover $1.00 SFL, Box 14034, San Francisco 94114.


Buffet clarinet $150 cash. Sap. sax $65 cash. Records very cheap—new jazz, contemporary, baroque. Bill, 962-1719.

Clothes made. Margo-Margaret 533-1205

Suicide? 873-9019—Vinny.

New literary magazine with work from many major poets has had enough material to come out with a large issue since June, but lacks the necessary funds. We would be very happy to talk things over with anyone who could help us out financially. Contact Dave Fraser or Bob Serling at Pro-ject/Press, 1172 W. Hancock, Detroit, apt. 6, 48201.

Man with M.A. in History tutors History and English Comp. (Also reading, writing, etc. on the elementary level). Call 832-0965, ask for Sam, and leave number.

To J.B.—How is Charles Ullysees? Take care of him for me please. With Love.

Vibrate in the obscurity of life. Anomalous bag? Groovy. Box 393 Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Entre nous. Despair only in despair.

MARIJUANA CONSUMERS & DEALERS GUIDE—Send $1.00 to Flash, 55 Sheridan, S.F. 94103